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Staff categories

A full list of staff categories at Birkbeck's Department of Organizational Psychology. If you have a query about studying with us or require further information about the department, please contact us via phone or email.

Head of Department

Academic Staff

Professional and Support Staff

Teaching Fellows, Visiting Professors and other Academic Staff

  • Khalid Bin Waleed, Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Rob Briner, Visiting Professor
  • Kevin Cheng
  • Thomas Cox
  • Alistair Cumming
  • Philip Dewe, Emeritus Professor
    Philip Dewe is an Emeritus Professor of Organizational Behaviour. His research covers the areas of work stress and coping: particularly the appraisal process and its role in the coping process; and he has an interest in human resource accounting and the importance of this to human resource professionals.
  • Jacek Dybczak
  • Roger Fagg
  • Ulrike Fasbender, Visiting Research Fellow
    In Germany, Dr. Fasbender works for the Justus-Liebig-University Giessen, where she is a Senior Researcher in the Work and Organizational Psychology Department. Her research is about diversity management, intergroup relations, intergenerational knowledge transfer, late career development, older workers’ job search and transition to retirement.
  • Shafag Garayeva
  • Sali Hallsworth
  • Susan Kahn, Visiting Academic
  • Alyson Kelleher
  • Gail Kinman, Visiting Professor of Occupational Health Psychology. , Twitter, Google Scholar, ResearchGate
    Gail is a chartered psychologist and a Fellow of the British Psychological Society and the Academy of Social Sciences. She is an occupational health psychologist with extensive experience in research and practice. Gail's interests mainly focus on improving the working conditions and wellbeing of people who do emotionally demanding work, such as health and social care professionals, prison officers and academics. She is currently working on several research and consultancy projects in this area.
  • Kirsty Lauder, Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • Joyce Mamode
  • Kate Mackenzie Davey, Honorary Research Fellow
    Kate's main area of research is in individual identity and work, especially in cases where the two may be mismatched and under pressure to change. An interest in transition and stability in individuals beginning work developed into specific concerns with how individuals negotiate identity at work, the impact of organizational values, organizational learning and especially, political processes in organizations. Her theoretical focus shifted from social identity theory to a more discursive analysis of individual-organizational relations. The organizational aspects are in the application and reinvention of Organizational Development and the construction of and resistance to evaluation of change.
  • Anders Friis Marstand, Visiting Fellow
  • Jitu Patel, Visiting Professor.
    Jitu Patel is a Principal Scientist at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), which is an agency of the Ministry of Defence. He holds a joint visiting professor appointments in the departments of Organizational Psychology and Computer Science & Information Systems. He is a fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology.
  • Alan Redman, Visiting Teaching Fellow
    Alan is a chartered psychologist, and a HCPC-Registered occupational psychologist. He contributes ad hoc lectures to several modules, supervises budding practitioner psychologists as part of our professional doctorate programmes, and supports the department by providing shiny psychometrics. In his day job, Alan works as the Head of Science & Technology with Criterion, one of the UK’s leading test publishers and occupational psychology consultancies. Alan’s research interests focus on the psychology of cycle-commuting; understanding how behaviour change happens in relation to decisions to ride to work.
  • Chris Smewing, Honorary Research Fellow
  • Ebere Dike Ugwu
  • Adrian Ward