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Our people

Leadership team

Professional services staff

  • Director of Operations: Andi Schmidt
  • Head of Operations - Planning, Finance and Business Development: Teresa Howes
    • Faculty Finance Manager: Paulina Kuziorowicz
  • Head of Operations - Human Resources and Equalities: Jean Devaney
    • Faculty Office and Governance Manager: Kasia Mather
    • Faculty Administrator: William Richards
  • Head of Operations - Education and Student Experience: Rhiannon Guy
    • Teaching and Collaborations Managers: Vicky Hussain and Adam Whittock
    • PG Research Support Manager: Beverley Moles
    • Programme Managers: Simon Dunderdale, Christian Manna, Nimali Udukalage
    • Student Engagement Officers: Sophie Allin, Emma Cantle
    • Programme Administrators:
      • Maryam Ahmad
      • Rebecca Dodds-Gorman
      • Jenna Flye
      • Souhayla Haman
      • Zita Hentes
      • Sophia Khalid
      • Lucy Platt
      • Lorraine Sedjroson
      • Kyle Stein
      • George Whitehead
      • Karen Wong