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Evening study explained

Evening learning that fits into your life

Birkbeck is different. Our full-time and part-time courses are designed to help you balance your work or other commitments outside university with your studies. Classes are in the evenings between 6 and 9pm and our interactive online learning materials can be accessed on campus, at home, work, or on the move.

We are proud of being one of the world's top research universities and part of the prestigious University of London.

That's important, but what makes us really special is our unique evening teaching and the opportunities it provides. This focused way of learning attracts a special type of student: someone dedicated to their studies and determined to improve themselves.

The reasons people choose to study in the evening are as individual and varied as the people you’ll sit next to in class: young people who want to gain experience in the workplace while they study; working Londoners looking for a promotion or career change; people who missed out on university the first time around; or those who are simply passionate about their subject.

Supporting evening study

At other universities, students who combine study with work or other commitments are unusual. At Birkbeck, you are what we are about. We know the conventional university model isn’t right for everyone and that you may be juggling many aspects of your life, and so need flexibility and understanding. We’ve been providing support for people like you for nearly 200 years.

It’s not just the staff who will support you; your fellow students will also understand the competing demands on your time, as they will be going through the same thing. 

All our facilities and support services are geared around evening study. Evenings are when we really come to life, as students arrive from across London and further afield to study with us. The library is open late, as are our cafés and food outlets.


One-third of Birkbeck's full-time undergraduates are under 21. An increasing number of highly motivated school leavers and college students want to get ahead in a competitive job market by experiencing the workplace and boosting their careers from the outset. By studying in the evening at Birkbeck, they can gain invaluable workplace experience while they study, rather than waiting until they graduate.

When you walk into a Birkbeck classroom, you’ll be surrounded by committed, enthusiastic students from all backgrounds, careers and cultures, aged from 18 to 80. The wealth of workplace and real-world experience and opportunities to network and collaborate are unrivalled.

Most of our students work, intern or volunteer during the day, which means that Birkbeck graduates are better placed to get ahead in a competitive job market. They are recognised and highly valued by employers for their maturity, independent-mindedness, focus and determination. That’s why 95% of Birkbeck’s students are in work or further study six months after graduating.

Families and supporters

Studying at Birkbeck in the evenings is both enjoyable and intense. For students often balancing study, work and family commitments, the support and pride of families, friends and supporters is often vital to their success.

With your support at home and the extra help we provide at college, our students can change their lives.