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Dr Rungpaka Amy Hackley

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    Dr Rungpaka Amy Hackley is Senior Lecturer in Marketing at Birkbeck, University of London. Prior to this she was Lecturer in Marketing at Queen Mary, University of London, Durham University, and before that at University of Surrey. Dr Hackley obtained her PhD from the School of Management, Royal Holloway, University of London, where she also worked as a Teaching and Research Associate. Her PhD entailed a cross-cultural study of young consumers’ experiences of TV product placement, and her first publication from her PhD research was the only UK paper cited by the ITV companies in their response to the UK government’s first consultation on UK TV product placement regulation.

    Dr Hackley’s other qualifications include a MSc Marketing from the University of Birmingham, UK and a first degree in Mass Communications. She is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA) and a member of Consumer Culture Theory (CCT).

    Dr Hackley has presented her research at international conferences in Asia, North America, Australasia, Europe and the UK, and her work has been published in journals such as Journal of Business Research, Marketing Theory, Consumption, Markets and Culture, Journal of Marketing Management, Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal, International Journal of Advertising, Advances in Consumer Research, Marketing Intelligence and Planning, Asian Journal of Business Research, Business Ethics: A European Review, among others.

    The 5th edition of her Advertising and Promotion textbook was published in February 2021. Birkbeck students can get access to the e-book via Kortext at

    Her new book "Rethinking Advertising as Paratextual Communication" was published in April 2022 by Edward Elgar. ISBN: 978 1 80088 261 4 [].


    • A new book by Dr Rungpaka Amy Hackley, Senior Lecturer in Marketing in the Department of Management, Rethinking Advertising as Paratextual Communication, published by Edward Elgar in April 2022, shares insights into the textual and paratextual character of brands and advertising. The book features a range of topical case studies to assist practical understanding.

      Her other new publication - Advertising and Promotion (published by Sage) is the fifth edition of a textbook co-authored with Professor Chris Hackley of Royal Holloway, University of London. The book takes a multi-disciplinary perspective on all forms of advertising and mediated promotional communication. The authors frame the 5th edition as a ‘post-digital’ approach in the sense that the text bridges traditional creative advertising and digital advertising.The 5th edition is thoroughly updated with many new examples, new case materials, new topics and two new chapters (Social Media Advertising and Digital Advertising: Search and Content). Digital themes and examples are featured throughout this edition. The book comes with an accompanying website with additional readings and teaching materials:

      Both books are available on Kortext to Birkbeck students.

      My new joint publication with my 9-year-old daughter is now published. Hackley, R.A., and Hackley, D.B. (2023), 'My song; Our song', Journal of Customer Behaviour (JCB), Vol. 22, Iss. 3, P.201-203.


    • PhD Management, Royal Holloway University of London, 2008
    • MSc Marketing, University of Birmingham, 2003
    • BA Mass Communications, Chulalongkorn University, 2001
    • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA), Higher Education Academy, 2008

    Web profiles

    Administrative responsibilities

    • UG BSc Business Programme Director and Admissions Tutor
    • Joint Chair - Marketing subject development group (Research)

    Professional activities

    2021 continuing: Associate Editor for Journal of Customer Behaviour 
    2021 continuing: Editorial Review Board for Journal of Current Issues in Advertising 
    2018 continuing: External examiner at Kingston Business School

    Distance Learning tutor and module author: Advertising and Promotion modules, University of London DL Programme (UG and MBA, 2007 continuing, part-time), PG Advertising and Promotion, DL MSc Marketing (Birkbeck – from 2021, continuing)

  • Research


    Research interests

    • integrated marketing communications (IMC), advertising, product placement, branded content, experiential consumption, brand symbolism, consumer identity, social media, promotional regulation and ethics, critical marketing, consumer research, and death rituals

    Research overview

    Dr Hackley is a known international authority on Asian perspectives in interpretive consumer research. Her work has generated unique insights into Asian cultures, values and contradictions from a consumer perspective, and also into digital sociology, promotional strategy, media regulation, creative production and marketing ethics in international markets. She is interested in accessing and theorising consumer experience with particular regard to how consumption (of brands, experiences, media) inflects consumers’ senses of identity and meaning. She is very interested in taking a multi-disciplinary approach. Her approach to consumer research falls broadly within the area that has become known as Consumer Culture Theory (CCT) research. Her research interests cut across issues of integrated marketing communications (IMC), advertising, product placement, branded content, experiential consumption, brand symbolism, consumer identity, social media, promotional regulation and ethics, critical marketing, consumer research, and death rituals.

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    Supervision and teaching


    Current doctoral researchers



    I teach PG Advertising and Promotion module, and UG Marketing Communications module.

    I am also module author and online tutor for University of London Distance Learning programmes (UG Advertising, Brand and Branding, and Marketing Communications). 

    Teaching modules

    • Advertising and Promotion (BUMN017H7)
    • Advertising and Promotion (BUMN017H7)
    • Marketing Communications (BUMN093H5)
    • Marketing Communications (BUMN093H5)
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    Book Section

    • Hackley, Amy Rungpaka (2021) The work of culture in Thai Theravāda Buddhist death rituals. In: Minowa, Y. and Belk, R. (eds.) Consumer Culture Theory in Asia: History and Contemporary Issues. Routledge Frontiers in the Development of International Business, Management and Marketing. Taylor and Francis. pp. 138-155. ISBN 9780367629496.

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