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ITS username and password

Access to ITS workstation rooms, College resources such as Moodle and the eLibrary  are controlled using a username and password. You can also use your username and password to access certain Birkbeck Web pages from outside the College.

You will need your ITS username and password during your time at Birkbeck, even if you do not plan to use ITS facilities. For example to access past exam papers, which are available on-line. Other Library resources also require your username and password, as does access to some web pages on the student intranet.

You can manage your username and password yourself, as long as you have a valid contact email address registered with us (set in your MyBirkbeck Profile). 

Manage your account []

You can check that you are using a valid ITS username/password by accessing this Intranet Access Test Page, if you can access this page, but cannot access the link you want on the Birkbeck web site then you may need an additional username/password from your School.

How to get your ITS username and password.