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Remote access

Outside of College, staff can access their work computer, files and other resources on the Birkbeck network via the Internet and your ITS username and password

Virtual desktop for staff 

  • Outside of Birkbeck, you can access your work computer via the Windows Virtual Desktop. This service recreates your computer desktop on your home computer. 
  • This service is useful for accessing your personal files on the N: and the S: drives, as well as systems and resources that are only accessible via the Birkbeck network. 
  • You need to install a piece of software called VMWare View ClientRead our step-by-step instructions for downloading, installing and running the VMWare View Client. 

Virtual Private Network (VPN) for staff 

  • Outside of Birkbeck, you can access the Birkbeck network via the Virtual Private Network (VPN). The VPN provides more extensive access to the Birkbeck network than the Virtual Desktop (above), as it allows you to map your work folders onto your home computer. 
  • To download and set up a VPN client for your device, please log in to My Birkbeck (or, if you're a member of staff, My Birkbeck for Staff), select "My Software" and then click on the version you need under "Fortinet VPN Client". Installation instructions are also available under "My Software".
  • Once you have downloaded the VPN, you can map the N: drive onto your home computer. Read our guide for mapping your N: drive from a PC and from a Mac.
  • Warning: the Virtual Private Network (VPN) will place your computer/device on the Birkbeck network, which means that all internet traffic from your computer/device is travelling via Birkbeck, too. You should only connect to the VPN when you need it and you should not connect to the VPN while undertaking personal internet browsing or downloading - we have previously received complaints of copyright infringement. Any complaints will result in the removal of your computer/device from the VPN.
  • Please note that it is not necessary to use the VPN service to access the staff Exchange email using Outlook. Information about configuring Outlook on both desktop and mobile devices can be found in the Knowledge Base under 'Microsoft Outlook (For Staff)'