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Our Vision, Mission and Values

Vision statement

To be an inclusive, accessible and valuable career partner to our diverse range of students, integral to the university journey and providing the bridge between where students are and where they want to be, supporting future leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs.


We provide a professional and personable service, empowering our students at all stages of their career journey to take ownership of their future, helping them to make the connection between their experience, education and future ambitions.

Our aims are: 

  • to enable our diversity of students to fulfil their potential through holistic, student driven, tailored career interventions, from early career professionals and career changers to senior leaders or entrepreneurs
  • to ensure students can identify skills, and upskill, to secure career-enhancing opportunities
  • to support students to build their career confidence, establish valuable networks and enhance existing ones, helping them to achieve their career goals
  • to provide access to internship and employment opportunities with employers who share our values
  • to connect employers with Birkbeck students through collaborative opportunities and our dedicated talent consultancy
  • to adopt an entrepreneurial approach that is shared with our students, encouraging adaptability, innovation, resilience, and drive
  • to support academic and professional services colleagues through the sharing of knowledge, advice, and opportunities
  • to build strong partnerships with employers and other Higher Educational institutions, advocate for equality, diversity and inclusion and share best practice.


  1. We champion equality, diversity and inclusion - through open communication, trust and kindness
  2. We prioritise teamwork and collaboration -  through our flexible, responsive and proactive approach
  3. We encourage innovation -  through our inquiring, creative and agile nature
  4. We promote empowerment - through our passion and commitment to making a difference