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Employer partnerships

Birkbeck is different. We are London's leading provider of evening higher education. Many of our students are available to work while studying. This means you can meet and recruit talented students before they become in demand graduates.

We support your business by promoting vacancies, raising your employer brand on campus and introducing you to fantastic candidates.

Why recruit Birkbeck Students and Graduates?

What our students bring to your organisation

  • Our students and graduates are:
    • Talented and knowledgeable: Birkbeck is a world-class research and teaching institution.
    • Experienced: Most of our students have previous work experience and many transferable skills.
    • Highly motivated: Studying in the evening requires dedication and a determination to succeed - valuable qualities for your business.
    • In demand: Our students are taken on by leading employers year-on-year.

About our students

  • 35% of Birkbeck students are between 18 - 25 years of age.
  • 65% of Birkbeck students are over 26 years of age.
  • 40% of Birkbeck students are black and minority ethnic (BME).
  • 60% of Birkbeck's full-time undergraduates are from households with an income of less than £25k.

Advertise a vacancy

  • We partner with Handshake, an innovative platform that connects employers, students, graduates, and the Birkbeck Careers and Enterprise service in one place. Handshake is a great place for employers to advertise vacancies and events, engage and network with students and recruit fantastic new talent.
  • You can also view Handshake's employer how to videos.

Host a micro-placement

  • Our Micro-placement Programme matches employers with Birkbeck students and graduates to complete small-scale work projects. Micro-placements can add value to your business and help you solve real-world business problems.
  • If you're interested in getting involved, read more about hosting a micro-placement.

Job posting policy

Ethical careers

  • When promoting employers and their opportunities, Birkbeck Careers and Enterprise Service is committed to working in the best interests of students, environmental sustainability and wider ethical considerations. As a result, employers will be reviewed against the following criteria:
    • All internships or full- or part-time roles that we advertise must be paid at the London Living Wage applicable at the time.
    • Birkbeck Careers and Enterprise Service will not hold relationships with any companies that have not demonstrated a commitment to positive environmental and ethical business models. This is part of our commitment to increased sustainability and addressing the climate crisis. This includes, but is not limited to, attendance at careers events and other recruitment opportunities, posting role vacancies, sponsorships and advertising. Our work with certain companies might be limited or excluded where there is a conflict of interest with the College as a whole.
    • We research all companies to ensure that we, and they, can provide an excellent service to our students and graduates and we will not work with companies that we do not feel comfortable with giving access to our students and graduates.
    • We may choose not to work with companies that require a degree subject that the university does not teach and where we do not feel that we can adequately support the company in recruiting the right candidates.
    • Birkbeck students are able to receive impartial one-to-one careers guidance on any industry of their choosing from the Birkbeck Careers and Enterprise team.