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Job posting policy

Job postings we welcome on Handshake

  • Full-time, professional roles at entry level, graduate level, and senior level
  • Graduate schemes and graduate placements
  • Paid internships
  • Part-time role
  • Voluntary roles with registered charities and third sector organisations
  • Working vacations and paid internships abroad, providing all fee and remuneration details are clear and transparent.

All paid roles must pay the UK National Living Wage. We ask that all London-based paid roles pay the London Living Wage.

posts we will not approve

  • Paid roles which pay below the UK National Living Wage/London Living Wage.
  • Voluntary roles that are not with registered charities or third sector organisations.
  • Posts which have incomplete, misleading, or missing job descriptions.
  • Posts that do not include an address or contact details.
  • Roles that are entirely commission-based, or that have a base salary lower than the UK National Living Wage/London Living Wage.
  • Postgraduate courses of study.
  • Programmes that require an upfront fee or involve financial investment from the student or graduate (not including working vacations and paid internships abroad).
  • Posts from private individuals, or roles based in private households.
  • Posts that invite students or graduates to express a general interest in the employer, rather than apply to a specific role.
  • Opportunities that involve unpaid work experience, self-employed or freelance work, unless meaningful opportunities are otherwise unavailable to students and graduates.
  • Posts that discriminate on grounds of any characteristic protected by the Equality Act 2010 (not including positive action).

Third party recruiters

  • We do not approve posts from third party recruiters. However, we are happy to approve posts from recruitment agencies that want to advertise internal vacancies.

Additional information on Job postings

  • Birkbeck Careers and Enterprise Service reserves the right to decline job posts for reasons not outlined above, including roles which do not reflect the values of Birkbeck and of our student and graduate body.
  • We will aim to process posts within five working days. In some instances, we may ask you to provide further information about the post before taking a decision.
  • If it comes to our attention that any approved posts are failing to adhere to this policy, Birkbeck Careers and Enterprise Service reserves the right to delete them from the jobs board.
  • Posts for roles receiving funding from the Kickstart scheme will be approved. However, we ask that all roles pay the UK National Living Wage/London Living Wage.
  • Birkbeck Careers and Enterprise Service is not responsible for undertaking any pre-employment checks. Any necessary pre-employment checks for candidates sourced through Handshake are solely the responsibility of the employer.
  • Birkbeck Careers and Enterprise Service expects all employers to adhere to GDPR regulations as outlined in the Data Protection Act 2018.