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  • Jean Braybrook, Honorary Life Member of the College
  • Professor Robin Howells: Robin Howells specialises in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century French literature and culture (classicism and, principally, Enlightenment). He also uses paradigms from Bakhtin (carnivalesque, dialogism, polemical stupidity) to examine aspects of literature generally. His main research interests are Bernardin de Saint-Pierre and the writing and visual arts of the late eighteenth century. 
  • Professor John Kraniauskas: Professor Emeritus in Latin American Studies: John Kraniauskas is a specialist in Latin American literary and cultural studies, cultural theory and political philosophy with particular interests in relations between state and cultural forms. John was a founding co-editor of the Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies 
  • Professor Patrick Pollard: Patrick Pollard is professor of French, nineteenth- and twentieth-century literature, Gide, the classical tradition, and gender. His research interests include the history of ideas (with an emphasis on nineteenth- to twentieth-century France), history of literature, history of homosexuality and the classical tradition in France, specifically the history of the translation of Greek and Latin authors into French, the modern reuse of ancient myths, and gender and sexuality. He has been a member of the Association des Amis d’André Gide since its inception, and is currently Honorary Treasurer of the Emile Zola Society, London. 
  • Mme Madeleine Renouard: Emerita Reader in French: Madeleine Renouard's most recent co-edited book Barbara Wright Translation As Art was published in 2013 by Dalkey Archive Press. She is currently editing the poet Lorand Gaspar's hospital diaries and notes. Madeleine was for many years Editor of La Chouette journal.
  • Professor Ian Short: Emeritus Professor of French: Ian Short's research interests include medieval studies, in particular French vernacular literature, Anglo-Norman, and the epic. 
  • Dr John Walker: 
  • Professor David Wells: 


  • Dr Beverley Costa: After training as an individual counsellor and psychotherapist, Dr Beverley Costa set up Mothertongue multi-ethnic counselling service (2000-2018) to meet a gap she observed, in services for multilingual clients. In 2009 she created a pool of mental health interpreters within Mothertongue and in 2010 she formed the national Bilingual Therapist and Mental Health Interpreter Forum. In 2013, she established “Colleagues Across Borders”: a project in which professionals offer peer support, pro bono and via remote platforms, to refugee psychosocial workers and interpreters based mainly in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. She founded The Pásalo Project in 2017 to disseminate learning from Mothertongue. With Professor Jean-Marc Dewaele, she won the 2013 British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, Equality and Diversity Research Award. Beverley has delivered training and supervision to statutory and voluntary sector health and social care organisations for the past two decades. She received funding from the National Lottery and the Arts Council to produce two anthologies of interpreters’ stories and a play about a couple in a cross-language relationship, for the Soho Theatre, London. She co-founded the performance group of interpreters, Around the Well, in 2018. In 2020, she received funding from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation to create an e-learning resource on multilingualism and mental health. Her book Other Tongues - psychological therapies in a multilingual world was published in 2020 by PCCS Books. 




  • Honorary Research Fellows:
  • Dr Marcus Vinicius Correia Biaggi
  • Dr Marcus Centeno
  • Dr Darlene Clover
  • Dr Malcolm Edwards
  • Professor John Flowerdew
  • Dr Lynne Flowerdew
  • Professor Penelope Gardner-Chloros
  • Dr Budd Hall
  • Dr Kate Hammer
  • Dr Simon Jarrett
  • Dr Bronwen Martin
  • Dr Irini Mavrou
  • Dr Peter Neff
  • Dr Liana Pavalescu
  • Dr Martha Pennington
  • Dr Carmen Pena Diaz
  • Dr Kazuya Saito
  • Aihui Wu
  • Associate Research Fellows:
  • Klara Arvidsson
  • Sally Cook
  • Jian Xu
  • Neele-Frederike Mundt
  • Louise Rolland
  • Kit Yee Wong