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Mr Luke Williams

  • Overview



    Luke won the Saltire Prize for his first novel The Echo Chamber. He is currently collaborating with Natasha Soobramanien on a second book that tells the story of the island of Diego Garcia. It will be published by Fitzcarraldo Editions in 2021. Completed chapters are serialised in various magazines and are available here. Luke’s writing is research-based and seeks, via collaborative practice and the use of selected constraints, to close the formal gap between history and story. His work is informed by studies in History at Edinburgh University and Creative Writing at UEA.

  • Research


    Research overview

    Luke's research interests are: the avant-garde and neo avant-garde in art and poetics, colonial and postcolonial literatures, creative-critical writing, the politics and aesthetics of migration, collaborative writing.

  • Supervision and teaching

    Supervision and teaching


    Teaching modules

    • The Life of the Writer (AREN038H5)
    • Creative Non-fiction (AREN100S5)
    • Independent Reading Portfolio: Critical Reflection (AREN181H6)
    • The Creative Critical Seam (AREN221S6)
    • Creative Writing Summer Term Lecture Series (AREN227Z7)
    • Writing The Self (AREN238S7)
    • Contemporary Writing 2: Genre (ENHU041S7)
  • Publications



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    • Williams, Luke and Soobramanien, N. (2014) Debt. The White Review 12, pp. 109-124.


    • Williams, Luke and Soobramanien, N. and Douglas Millar, J. and Musgrave, D. and Skrebowski, L. and Bailey, L., eds. (2015) Plastic words. London: Publication Studio. ISBN 9780993240508.
    • Williams, Luke A. (2011) The echo chamber. London, UK: Hamish Hamilton/Penguin. ISBN 9780241956946.

    Book Section

    • Williams, Luke (2015) Anechoic chamber. In: Herrington, T. (ed.) Epiphanies: Life Changing Encounters With Music. Strange Attractor Press. ISSN 9781907222214. ISBN 9781907222214.
    • Williams, Luke (2014) Massacre at Benin. In: Cadavere Quotidiano: The first Project X Projects Paperback. X-TRA Magazine. ISSN 978-0- 9886694-3- 7. ISBN 9780988669437.
    • Williams, Luke A. (2011) A watch on each wrist: twelve seminars with W.G. Sebald. In: Catling, J. and Hibbitt, R. (eds.) Saturn’s Moons: W. G. Sebald — A Handbook. Oxford, UK: Legenda. ISBN 9781906540029.