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Dr Penny Newell

  • Overview



    Penny Newell (they/them) is a Lecturer in Creative and Critical Writing, based in the Creative Writing cluster at Birkbeck.

    Their poetry has been published in Poetry Review, Magma, 3:AM, Hobart, Portland Review (Pushcart Prize nominated), and was awarded a Northern Writers Award in 2019. They have written on commission for BBC Radio 6 and in collaboration for Somerset House, Lakes Culture, and B-Side Festival. Penny was shortlisted for the Bridport Prize in Flash Fiction in 2023.

    Penny completed a Masters in Philosophy and PhD in English Research. Their work continues to exist at the boundary between philosophy and literary studies. Their PhD explored working ideas of clouds in ecological thinking, tracking this disparate field of thought across Aristotelian, Nietzschean and Deleuzian philosophy, in architectural theory and theories of perspective in visual art, in structuralist theories of art, and in the stage mechanics of Early Modern performance. Penny is particularly interested in methods such as anti-philosophy and genealogy within a history of ideas. Penny's research is forthcoming or published in Social Text, BMJ Medical Humanities, Performance Research, and Palgrave Macmillan.

  • Supervision and teaching

    Supervision and teaching


    Teaching modules

    • The Publishing Project (AREN182H6)
    • The Creative Critical Seam (AREN221S6)
    • The Creative Critical Seam (AREN221S6)
    • Writing The Self (AREN238S7)
    • Writing The Self (AREN238S7)
    • Production of the Human: Decolonising the Canon (AREN257S4)
    • Production of the Human: Decolonising the Canon (AREN257S4)
    • The Writing Industry (AREN289S5)
    • Writing the Planet (AREN292S7)
    • Writing Workshop (ENHU039S7)