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Ms Hilary Smith

  • Overview




    Hilary Smith is a lecturer in film. Hilary has received a Distinguished Teaching and Scholarship Award, awarded by Birkbeck for ‘an outstanding contribution to teaching and learning’, and a Birkbeck Students’ Union Award for Best Personal Tutor/Best Lecturer, for which nominations are made by students.

    Hilary is also a freelance lecturer, curator and arts administrator. She is the former Deputy Head of BFI Southbank (also known as the National Film Theatre), and has held curatorial, managerial and administrative positions at BFI Southbank, the London Film Festival, Whitechapel Gallery and the Arts Council. She has taught at City University London, Imperial College London, Bishopsgate Institute and Arcadia University, and as a guest lecturer at universities and cultural institutions.



    • BA , University of Reading
    • Diploma, Birkbeck, University of London
    • MA, University of Westminster
    • Certificate in Further Education Teaching, City Lit, London

    Administrative responsibilities

    • Deputy Director, BA Film and Media
    • Academic Coordinator for Final Projects for undergraduate programmes, FMACS Dept.
    • Personal Tutor
  • Supervision and teaching

    Supervision and teaching


    Supervisor for film-focused undergraduate Final Projects


    Hilary has diverse specialist interests in film, reflecting her cinémathèque and film festival background working across a breadth of cinema past and present. These interests are expressed through the number and variety of film courses she has devised and taught at universities and cultural institutions. These include:

    • courses undertaking an historical survey of a particular national cinema, including the cinemas of America, Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, plus courses devoted to a selected aspect, such as American independent cinema, British cinema of the 1980s, Hollywood cinema of the 1970s, and Warner Bros. in the studio system era
    • short courses on specific genres and film movements, including the British New Wave, film noir, the French New Wave, Hollywood musicals, and Italian Neorealism
    • study days devoted to the work of a director, including Wes Anderson, Alfonso Cuarón, Alfred Hitchcock, Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, and Martin Scorsese
    • surveys of the British studios Ealing, Gainsborough, and Hammer
    • thematic courses, including London on film, and propaganda and cinema.


    • Introduction to Cinema (FFME002S4)
    • Contemporary European Cinema (FFME036S6)
    • Doing Film, Media and Cultural Studies (ARMC241S4)
    • Final Projects:
    • Project BA Arts and Media Management (ARMC261S6)
    • Project BA Film and Media (FDME001S6)
    • Project BA Global Cinemas and Screen Arts (ARMC256S6)
    • Project BA Journalism and Media (ARMC147S6)
    • Project BA Media and Culture (ARMC216S6)