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Find staff in Birkbeck's Department of Film, Media and Cultural Studies. 

Head of Department

Academic Staff 

Associate lecturers 

  • Every year, we are joined by Associate Lecturers who engage with all of our different courses and subjects. These lecturers bring an impressive breadth of expertise and experience as well as a passion for their subject to their teaching, and this leads to a dynamic learning experience.
  • John Airlie, Associate Lecturer in Film Studies
  • Kirsten Cooke, Associate Lecturer
  • David Crombie, Associate Lecturer in Marketing
  • Bartek Dziadosz, Associate Lecturer
  • Helen de Witt, Associate Lecturer in Film Studies
  • Nicola Gaughan, Associate Lecturer
  • Pauline Greene, Associate Lecturer in Arts Policy and Management
  • Anna Maguire, Associate Lecturer
  • Matthew Morgan, Associate Lecturer
  • Bea Moyes, Associate Lecturer
  • Joseph Muller, Associate Lecturer
  • Tanya Nash, Associate Lecturer in Screenwriting
  • Iain Mchardy Overton, Associate Lecturer
  • Ayesha Owusu-Barnaby, Associate Lecturer
  • Inês Rebelo, Associate Lecturer in Digital Media Design
  • Muriel Temple, Associate Lecturer in Film Studies
  • Jan Udris, Associate Lecturer in Film Studies
  • Donatella Valente, Associate Lecturer
  • Helen Wee, Associate Lecturer
  • Ken Williams, Associate Lecturer in Screenwriting

Emeritus academic staff

  • Dr Silke Arnold-de Simine, Reader Emerita in Memory and Cultural Studies. Dr Arnold-de-Simine's work is concerned with (trans-)media aesthetics and ethics, tracing the pathways and following the transnational flow of commemorative practices across a range of different media forms and contexts such as screen media, (digital) archives, museums and heritage sites. She is the co-director of the BIRMAC research centre (Birkbeck Interdisciplinary Research in Media and Culture) and is currently working on a book entitled Memory in 3D: Holograms and Digital Afterlives

Research fellows and visiting professors 

  • Professor Christine Geraghty, Honorary Research Fellowship
  • Professor Catherine Grant, Honorary Research Fellowship
  • Dr Chris Horrie, Honorary Research Fellowship
  • Professor Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre, Honorary Research Fellowship
  • Professor Lance Pettitt, Associate Research Fellowship
  • Dr Sue Short, Honorary Research Fellowship

Administrative staff