Fees and finance

With no upfront fees for most undergraduate students and fantastic financial support packages, there’s never been a better time to study at Birkbeck.

Financial support advice

Our Student Advice Service is here to help you - if you have any questions about financial support, or if you would like some advice on payment options, please contact us

Fees and costs

  • Please check individual course descriptions to see the fees for your course. Home and EU students pay a different rate to international students - if you're not sure whether you are counted as a 'Home' student, check the requirements.
  • As well as fees and travel costs, you should expect certain other study-related expenses.
    • Books and apparatus: You are advised to consult your lecturers before purchasing textbooks, instruments or apparatus. Expenditure on books will vary, according to the requirements of the programme.
    • Field trip assistance: Attendance at field courses is obligatory for students on some of our courses (e.g. biology, geology and geography). Expenses consist mainly of travel and maintenance costs. If you experience financial difficulties in meeting these costs, you can contact the department via the link on the course description to find out if you are eligible for field trip assistance.
    • Museums and galleries: If your course includes modules on the history of art, you will be expected to spend some time visiting museums and monuments. If you experience financial difficulties in meeting these costs, you can contact the department via the link on the course description to find out if you are eligible for field trip assistance.

Government student loans

Birkbeck financial support

  • Birkbeck offers generous financial support to students on low incomes, including:
  • Birkbeck cash bursary scheme: You may be eligible for the Birkbeck cash bursary scheme to assist with the costs of study, such as purchasing books, printing and travelling to lectures.
  • Birkbeck Access to Learning Fund: these financial awards are for students who need additional help with their course and/or living costs (e.g. essential books, photocopying).
  • Birkbeck help with childcare costs: If you are planning to study one of our part-time undergraduate degrees, you may be able to get financial help with your childcare costs. In order to be eligible you must normally be:
    • How to apply: Please contact the Student Advice Service for further information and advice on applications. (Note: you should identify your childcare provider as early as possible, as they will need to sign the application form and confirm the childcare costs.)
    • If you are studying in central London, you can use our evening nursery service while you attend classes or use the library.
  • Birkbeck bursaries: Thanks to the generosity of Birkbeck donors, we offer a range of bursaries designed to offer financial support for our students. Most of them are available to current students only; however, some of them are also available to prospective students. To find out more about these bursaries, please contact the Student Advice service.
  • Birkbeck Hardship Fund: The College Hardship Fund is used to support students who need additional financial support due to an unforeseen change of circumstance in their personal situation while they are studying, such as redundancy, illness or domestic problems. Please note: you can only apply to this fund once you have started studying - you cannot apply to it before you start at Birkbeck.

10% discount for union members

  • If you are a member of a union that is recognised by the Trades Union Congress (TUC), you can claim 10% off all accredited Birkbeck courses(certificates, undergraduate and postgraduate).
  • When you complete our online enrolment (which you will be asked to do once you have been offered a place on a course), you will be asked if you want to take advantage of the Union Learn discount. You will then be given 28 days to provide proof of your eligibility for this discount. (Download a copy of the UnionLearn verification letter.)

Pay by instalments at no extra cost

  • If you choose not to take a tuition fee loan, or are not eligible to do so, Birkbeck offers flexible payment options that allow you to spread the costs of your fees across the year at no additional cost. Whether you choose to take out a student loan or not, you have the choice to:
    • Pay monthly by direct debit: direct debit payment is an easy way to spread the cost of your tuition fees by paying in monthly instalments. The earlier you enrol, the smaller your monthly payments
    • Pay termly or pay in full by credit/debit card: choose between paying your fees in full at the beginning of the academic year, or paying one third of the yearly fee at the beginning of each of the three terms.

Payment by your employer

  • Your employer or other sponsor may agree to pay all or part of your fees on your behalf. You must provide written confirmation from the sponsor of their agreement to pay the fee, and Birkbeck will send them an invoice. If you are part-sponsored, then you will need to pay the balance of fees. Arrangements for payment must be agreed before the beginning of the academic session.

External financial support