Birkbeck Hardship Fund

If you are a current student and you have experienced an unforeseen change of circumstance in your personal situation while studying, such as redundancy, illness or domestic problems, the Birkbeck Hardship Fund may be able to help you with essential, course-related costs, such as books and travel to and from College. In exceptional cases it can also help with:

  • Fees: if you are applying for help with fees, you must be able to pay the full fees for the academic year, up until you experienced your change in circumstances. Please note that fee awards are subject to the same caps as other awards, and are therefore unlikely to exceed £1000 in an academic year.
  • Priority debts: these are debts that, if not paid, would give your creditor the right to deprive you of your home, liberty, essential goods and services (eg rental or utility arrears).

Find out more

If you have experienced a change in your financial circumstances and would like to talk to someone about the Hardship Fund, please contact our Student Advice Service in the first instance.

Download a copy of our Hardship fund guidelines.

Other hardship funding

  • ISH Mary Trevelyan Hardship Fund: As Birkbeck holds membership with International Student House (ISH), our students are eligible to use ISH events and services, including their hardship fund.
  • Finding other educational or charitable trusts: Additional funding opportunities may be found in the publications listed below. These publications may be available at either the Birkbeck library or your local reference library.