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Birkbeck Needs-based Assessment (BNBA), non-standard (hardship)

Coronavirus (covid-19) hardship

Please note that this fund is available to assist with short-term urgent situations only and cannot provide primary support for your costs.

  • Costs resulting from the covid-19 situation will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Students are expected to have accessed all government support schemes before being considered.
  • Students who are awarded funds for specific costs related to remote learning will be required to submit receipts, once the awards have been made and the relevant equipment purchased.
  • Awards are not guaranteed. We have limited funds available so caps will be in place, and we will aim to prioritise those most in need.
  • Applications to the BNBA non-standard fund has been extended and will close on 10 July 2020.

About the BNBA non-standard fund

  • If you are a current student and you have experienced an unforeseen change of circumstance in your personal situation while studying, such as redundancy, illness or domestic problems, the Birkbeck Hardship Fund may be able to help you.
  • The Birkbeck Hardship Fund can provide support towards unexpected costs that have been incurred as a result of an emergency or unforeseen change in your personal situation. It cannot under any circumstances be used towards fees, and you must show that you made adequate provision to cover your fees and course costs prior to the start of the academic year.
  • Assessments are made on a case-by-case basis, taking into account your household finances and any circumstances that could not be foreseen when you planned your study costs. Awards are scaled based on study intensity and do not usually exceed £1000.
  • Please note that this fund is available to assist with short-term urgent situations only and cannot provide primary support for your costs.

Find out more about the BNBA NON-STANDARD FUND

Other hardship funding

ISH Mary Trevelyan Hardship Fund: As Birkbeck holds membership with International Student House (ISH), our students are eligible to use ISH events and services, including their hardship fund.

Alternative postgraduate funding sources

  • You can find additional funding opportunities in the publications listed below. Copies may be available in your local library or at the nearby British Library (though you may be required to register to gain access):
    • Educational Grants Directory (published by the Directory of Social Change)
    • The Grants Register (published by Macmillan Reference Limited)
    • Charities Digest (published by Waterlow Information Services)
    • The Directory of Grant Making Trusts (Charities Aid Foundation)
  • You may also find funding via the following websites:
  • Birkbeck also subscribes to the Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding. Though its primary focus is to help prospective and current postgraduate students access voluntary sector support towards their studies, it can also be a potential source of grants and funding for those in hardship (though please be aware that eligibility and definitions of what constitutes ‘hardship’ can vary between individual charities). Students who are on campus can log in automatically without a password. If you do not have a registered Birkbeck email address, or are a prospective student, to receive a unique PIN that will give you access to all the resources.