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Instalment plan: regular payments, at no extra cost

Birkbeck offers flexible payment options that allow you to spread the costs of your fees across the year at no additional cost. Whether you choose to take out a loan or not, you have the choice to:

  • Pay monthly by direct debit: Direct debit payment is an easy way to spread the cost of your tuition fees by paying in monthly instalments. During the enrolment process you will have the option to choose monthly direct debits as a method of payment. You can enter the details of your UK bank account safely and securely on your My Birkbeck student profile (you will need your ITS username and password to login to the system). You can spread your fee payments for up to 12 months each academic year, depending on how early you enrol. (Please note: the final instalment will be collected in June.) There is no additional charge for this option.
  • Pay termly or pay in full by credit/debit card: choose between paying your fees in full at the beginning of the academic year, or paying one-third of the yearly fee at the beginning of each of the three terms.