Birkbeck Access to Learning Fund

These discretionary awards are intended to help towards your course costs. Awards are usually awarded to students who have already received the Birkbeck cash bursary.

You can apply to this fund for the following:

  • Part-time undergraduates: you can apply to this fund for additional help with your course costs (eg essential books, photocopying, childcare, the cost of an essential field trip or help with travel to and from the college). 
  • Full-time Home undergraduate students: if you are in receipt of the maximum maintenance entitlement from Student Finance England and are in financial difficulty, you can apply to the fund for help with living costs and course-related costs.
  • Full-time EU students: if you are not eligible for maintenance funding, you can be considered for help with essential field-trip costs. 

How and when to apply

How we assess you for an award

  • Part-time undergraduate students: you will be assessed based on your total declared course-related costs for the full academic year. The percentage of any award made will then be scaled based on income from the previous tax year and will take into consideration if students are in receipt of the Birkbeck cash bursary.
  • Full-time undergraduate students: you will be assessed for living costs using a standard calculation that looks at the difference between the expected annual income for a student and their accepted reasonable expenditure. If the expenditure is higher, you will be viewed as having a shortfall for living costs and an award may be made. Award amounts are discretionary.