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Intensive LLM/MA Courses

The Intensive LLM / MA is a postgraduate course of study where face-to-face teaching is conducted over a concentrated period of time, allowing you to gain a postgraduate qualification without disrupting your existing work and family life.

Why Study On The Intensive Programme?

Are you looking to change careers, move sector or build on your existing skills and training? Whether you live in the UK, Europe or internationally, this is your opportunity to study in London without having to set up a new home or leave your current job.

Are you a skilled professional, activist or public/private sector worker with experience or an interest in law? The Intensive LLM/MA programmes are designed so that you can conduct postgraduate study without substantially disrupting your existing work and family life.

Are you looking for a new and better job but you need to acquire more skills, knowledge and qualifications? We focus on major social, economic and legal developments. Use your knowledge and experience to acquire new skills in a rapidly changing world.

How The Intensive LLM/MA Works

  • You will be taught over a period of four weeks: two weeks in March and two weeks in June-July (full time). Alternatively, you can choose to spread your study over two years or more (part-time).
  • The courses consist of 6 modules, one of which will be a dissertation.
  • Classes will take place between 9am and 6pm. It is not expected that you will be in class for the whole day unless you choose options that run back-to-back. For most of the teaching weeks you will have 4 hours of face-to-face teaching per day.
  • The learning and teaching cycle continues online and through course materials and study-guides which will be made available to you up to 3 months before face-to-face teaching begins.

Online Taster Event

  • We will be running an online taster event on January 8 2019. Find out more here.


  • Human Rights (LLM / MA) - This LLM/MA focuses on theoretically informed and multidisciplinary approaches to human rights. It aims to expose you to a critical and contextual engagement with the subject. The programme has close ties to a number of leading human rights NGOs and is informed by critical engagement with, and analysis of, human rights practice.
  • International Economic Law (Finance or Justice and Development Pathway) (LLM) - The only LLM of its kind in the UK, this programme addresses the law, institutions and practice which constitute global and local economies from a critical perspective. It is particularly well suited to those within NGOs, government agencies, and in-house corporate social responsibility departments, who wish to critically reflect on their role as practitioners.
  • Constitutional Politics, Law and Theory (LLM) - This distinctive Master's degree in law considers the traditional neglect of constitutionalist approaches to politics in Britain - something that is now changing fast. This course focuses on two related, but distinct, processes: the crisis of law and the shift towards exceptional modes of state power; and the demand that law mitigates manifold crises. Questions are raised about law as solution, about its role in the violent imposition of liberal social and market relations, and whether or not we may be able to imagine a different sort of crisis, a different relation between law and the future. This intensive programme adopts a critical, interdisciplinary approach and gives equal weight to theory and comparative case studies from across the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I choose my own modules? You can choose to study 3 modules, including core modules from other intensive programmes.
  • When should I apply? Apply as soon as possible to secure a place. Materials will be sent to you as soon as you enrol.
  • Can I study part-time? Yes, part-time students must complete the following over two years: two core modules, three option modules and one dissertation.
  • When will I start studying? The learning and teaching cycle takes place through a combination of online teaching materials and study-guides which will be made available to you around 6 weeks before teaching commences.
  • When do I come to classes in London? 2 weeks in March and 2 weeks in June.
  • How much study will I have to do at home? Students are expected to complete assigned readings in advance of classes, and a supervised dissertation project.

The McAuslan Scholarship

  • The McAuslan Scholarship is awarded to a student from selected East African nations with proven interest and experience in social justice in one of the following areas: sustainable development, the alleviation of poverty, land reform, or planning law.
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Visa information

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