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IT Facilities at USS

Birkbeck's campus in Stratford, University Square, is a unique partnership between Birkbeck and the University of East London (UEL).

IT and related facilities at University Square Stratford

Birkbeck's campus in Stratford, University Square,  is a unique partnership between Birkbeck and the University of East London (UEL). For more details about the collaboration, visit the the University Square Stratford website. There is more information here about our assistive technology for students with disabilities and dyslexia

Getting access to facilities

Your Birkbeck ID card will allow access through the turnstiles at USS, and you can use any one of 150 open access desktop PCs available to students and staff as long as you have your Birkbeck username and password.

PC desktop facilities

The desktop facilities are available to both UEL and Birkbeck staff and students. When you sit down at one of the PCs, select Birkbeck, and you are invited to login using your Birkbeck username and password against the ccsacademic domain.You may then see a list of desktops available to you - if unsure, select the standard student USS desktop, and the login will complete and you will have a standard Windows 7 environment, with a variety of standard applications used for open access and teaching. Please note that the first time you login, the time taken will be extended as a "profile" is created for you.

Printing and copying

Printing is charged in the normal way. When you select to print, a default queue is available to you, but you can select from any of the available queues. No output will emerge until you visit the printer, login to it by selecting Birkbeck and holding your Birkbeck ID card against the right hand side of the touch panel display. You can then select any jobs you wish to release. Please note that some older staff ID cards may not allow staff to login to the printer. Please report this to, and note that the touch panels on the printers will also accept manual entry of username and password.

Students can add credit to their printer account via the web printer recharging system, which will credit an account within 15 minutes. Staff should provide a cost code to the ITS Service desk. Copying is accessed in exactly the same way.

Using the lectern PC in teaching rooms

The PC in the lectern in teaching rooms requires a two stage login process. You will need the generic login to start, for Birkbeck users, either contact the UEL IT Service desk for the username and password or you can access the username and password here. Please note the password is changed monthly at present.

Step 1 – login with the generic login (see above to get this), remember the username and password are case sensitive
Step 2a – select the server (should be already set)
Step 2b – login with your standard Birkbeck username and password to get to a Birkbeck managed desktop.

Teaching staff are reminded that room 4.14 is available for drop in use by staff and access to a printer/copier - swipe card access to enter the room. Room G30 is the designated Birkbeck 25 seat PC teaching room, which can be booked via Birkbeck room bookings in the normal way. The lectern is identical to those elsewhere in the building.

Support for disabled students

Information about our Stratford services for students with disabilities and dylsexia is described on the ITS and Library pages.

Wireless networkingeduroam logo

The wireless network in USS supports eduroam, the international service allowing staff and students from participating institutions access to the internet. It is advised that you configure your device for eduroam before visiting the building. It is hoped to make the Birkbeck wireless network available in a number of areas of USS to allow configuration of eduroam by Birkbeck users in due course.

Users with UEL computer accounts

Staff and continuing students with UEL usernames and passwords and identity cards may need to use these if accessing the UEL Library at the nearby UEL campus. 

Getting Help

A local IT Service desk operated by UEL provides practical help to those on site in the building. If you would like to request additional software,  report a non-urgent problem relating to the desktop or printing services, or provide any feedback about the facilities available,  please email ITS at .