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Enrol as soon as possible to ensure you receive the full benefits of studying at Birkbeck. Follow the steps below to complete your enrolment, or contact the Student Advice Service for support.

As well as the below information on how to complete enrolment, we have enrolment support videos which can help guide you through the process of being invited to enrol and completing enrolment itself. Follow the links to our YouTube channel to watch these short videos:

Virtual help sessions

If you have queries about enrolling and you'd like to speak to the team, book for one of our virtual support sessions. These will be advertised as soon as dates are available.

Step one: meet any conditions

Once you have accepted your offer, you will need to confirm that you have met any academic/non academic conditions of your offer as stated in the offer email.

Step two: invitation to enrol

Applicants who have met all of the conditions of their offer will be sent an Invitation to Enrol email from end of June onwards. You will need to complete this online process in order to officially become a Birkbeck student. More details on the enrolment process can be found below.

Step three: Complete the 'Welcome to Birkbeck' Moodle module

Your online orientation will begin in September and you will receive an email notification when it is available. This orientation will give you an introduction to some of the people and technologies that will help you on your journey through university life.

You can work your way through orientation in any order you wish. We encourage you to complete every activity, ticking it off as you go so you can track your own progress through the module. Online orientation is a resource that you can refer back to at any time throughout the year.

Enrolment details

Enrolling is important, because you are not officially a Birkbeck student and cannot begin to study until you complete your enrolment.

Enrolling means you can choose your modules and view your timetable, access student loan funding and financial support, receive the details of your Personal Tutor, seminar and tutor group allocation, become a member of the Birkbeck College Students' Union, gain full access to all College support services, and use the Birkbeck library. 

When to enrol

  • Complete your enrolment as soon as possible.
  • Enrolment is online and only takes 15 minutes. You do not become a Birkbeck student until you complete enrolment.
  • If you are intending to study a short course or a certificate of higher education that doesn't have an application process, you can enrol directly at any time. 
  • Please note: The enrolment process does not apply to our direct-enrolment short courses (where you enrol as soon as you book onto the course) or to our modular Certificates of Higher Education. 

How to enrol as a new student

  • We will send you an email inviting you to enrol online if:
    • you have been formally accepted on a programme of study
    • you have accepted your offer of admission
    • there are no outstanding offer conditions.
  • The email will contain your username and password - you will need to enrol by logging into My Birkbeck. This is your student account, which you can access with your username and password.
  • During enrolment you may be asked to upload ID documents; you will only need to do this at the start of your course (you won't have to do this for the following years). You will not be able to complete enrolment until your ID documents have been verified. 

How to enrol as a continuing student

  • If you are a continuing student at Birkbeck (i.e. you are in the second or following year of your degree course), you will be sent an invitation to enrol. Once you receive this, you should enrol by logging into My Birkbeck.
  • Please note: if you haven't completely paid your tuition fees from the preceding year, you will not be allowed to enrol. Please contact the Income Office for advice if you are having trouble paying your fees. 

How to enrol as a continuing MPhil/PHD researcher

  • MPhil/PhD researchers need to re-enrol in the autumn term, at the start of each academic year, and you must be enrolled in order to submit your thesis for examinations. You should enrol by logging into My Birkbeck
  • Invitations to re-enrol are usually sent July to August each year.
  • If you have been awarded a PhD studentship, you will need to re-enrol before you can receive your stipend. 

Funding arrangements

  • As part of the online enrolment process, you will need to pay your fees or confirm you have applied for a student loan.
    • Postgraduate loans and enrolment:
    • Once you've met the conditions attached to your offer (if there are any), you will receive instructions on how to enrol directly from Birkbeck. If you tell us during enrolment that you are going to apply for a UK Government postgraduate loan. 
    • You will need to apply for the loan as soon as possible.
    • Student Finance England can confirm your eligibility for the loan, but will not release the money until Birkbeck confirms that you are enrolled.
    • Once you are an enrolled student, Birkbeck will inform Student Finance England, and this will enable them to release the money to you.
    • The loan will be paid directly to you; you then need to pay the fees to Birkbeck.
    • Loan instalment dates are indicative - your first instalment may be paid later, depending on when you apply and enrol. Consult Student Finance England for a more definitive timeframe.

What happens after enrolment?

  • Once you have successfully enrolled, the school that organises your course will provide you with information on your programme of study near to the start date of your course. This will include preliminary reading lists and details of any special arrangements about the first meeting of your course. 
  • You will need to order your Birkbeck ID card. You will need your ID card to access the library and record attendance. You can upload a photo and order your card via your My Birkbeck account
  • Once you have completed the enrolment process, your timetable will be made available to via your My Birkbeck account. Contact your academic school for further advice.
  • Log into Moodle. Moodle is the online digital platform that you will use during your time at Birkbeck. Moodle is used to store modules guides, lecture recordings and communicate with module convenors. You will also upload your coursework via Moodle.

Changes to your enrolment details

  • If you have requested a change to your details and your enrolment was put on hold, we will need to check the changes requested before you can access your record again and complete enrolment. You will receive an email when your record has been released, and you may then log in again to complete your enrolment.

Cancelling enrolment

Problems with enrolment