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How to apply for a Student visa

Step One: Receive an unconditional offer

You must have accepted an unconditional offer to study a full-time programme of study (on campus). Additionally, you must fulfil all conditions and pay the deposit.  

Step two: receive a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)

Once you have fulfilled all conditions, you will be invited to follow our CAS issuing process. You may be requested to provide additional information to assess your eligibility for a Student visa,. This may include evidence that you meet the financial requirements, or you might be asked to complete a credibility interview. Please check our published deadlines for information on the latest dates for providing key information.

Step three: Prepare the evidence you need for your Student visa application

Check what supporting documentation is required.

Step four: Start your Student visa application process

The application process is slightly different depending on whether you are applying from, inside or outside the UK. 

After reading the relevant guidance, if you have additional questions about the application process, please contact International Student Administrationfor further assistance.

Step five: arrange your arrival to the UK

Once your Student visa is granted, arrange your travel plans and check what documents you need to show when entering the UK.

You must enter the UK on or after your Student visa start date to validate your visa. Please retain evidence of the date of your entry to the UK, as you may need to provide your arrival date, especially if no entry stamp is given at the UK border.

If you arrive earlier than the start date of your visa, you may be permitted to enter as a Visitor if you are a non-visa national, or denied entry to the UK if you are a visa national. If you enter the UK as a Visitor, you will be required to leave the UK and Common Travel Area (CTA) and re-enter the UK on or after your Student visa start date but before the latest arrival date stated on your CAS to be permitted to complete your Student visa registration.  

You can enrol online before coming to the UK.  

Step six: After your arrival to the UK

Ensure you have completed your enrolment and Student visa registration by the latest arrival date stated on your CAS.  

If you have been issued with a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP), you need to collect it within 10 days of arriving in the UK from a designated Post Office branch. Your completed application form and/or decision notification will indicate the Post Office branch from which  you need to collect your BRP.