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Entry requirements and how to apply

Coronavirus update: Birkbeck is aware that the developing situation may result in significant disruption to your current studies. We are committed to finding a solution to applicants in this situation. If you believe that the qualification you are currently studying will not be completed until September or later, please .

There is nowhere better to study than London: 100,000 international students from over 200 countries study here. Our unique evening teaching means that you can study alongside London's working professionals and pursue internship or part-time work opportunities during the day. 



  • Our students come to us with a wide assortment of qualifications and experience, and we believe that this variety adds to the Birkbeck student experience. We welcome applications from students with no previous qualifications or those with no recent experience of higher education. The full entry requirements for all our undergraduate courses are specified on each course page.


  • For most Master's degrees, we require the equivalent of a UK Bachelor's (undergraduate) degree (class 2:1 or 2:2, with honours). You must also meet our minimum English language entry requirements. 


  • For most MPhil/PhD degrees, we require the equivalent of a good UK Master's degree. 
    • You must also meet our minimum English language entry requirements
    • View our online list of countries to check the equivalencies for your qualifications
    • Our approved agents in your country may also be able to advise you on the equivalence of your qualification. 
    • If you do not know the equivalence of your qualifications, make an application and include as much information as possible about your qualification. We will then assess your eligibility.  

Deadlines for courses starting in January 2022

  • You should follow specific deadlines to apply for programmes starting in January 2022. Overseas-based applicants who require a Student Visa to study in the UK must apply by the 22 November 2021. Read more about the different deadlines


Coronavirus updateBirkbeck is aware that face-to-face English language tests are currently unavailable in many areas. However, there are now TOEFL and IELTS tests which can be taken online and we have recently expanded the list of English tests that we accept.

If you are unable to take a face-to-face or online test and wish to study at Birkbeck this year, please .

We value our multi-lingual student body and encourage applications from speakers of all languages. Therefore, rather than having rigid requirements for non-native English speakers, we consider each case individually. Below is a range of ways in which you can demonstrate your English language ability:

We suggest to all applicants who are non-native speakers of English that they make a case in their application for the level of their English language ability.


Applicants who need a Student visa have a separate set of English language requirements, to comply with Home Office regulations. Visit our Student visa English language page for information.


Birkbeck offers full-time courses to international students in a wide range of subject areas and at all levels of university study - undergraduate, postgraduate and MPhil/PhD. Birkbeck also offers a range of distance-learning courses across all levels of study, which international students can undertake.