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Credibility interviews

You will be asked to attend a credibility interview as part of the Student visa application process. The purpose of the interview is to assess whether you meet the English language requirements and if you are a genuine student. You may be emailed with an invitation to attend an interview, so you should check your email (including the 'junk' folder) regularly, as your application is likely to be refused if you do not attend an interview without providing a reasonable explanation. 

The process

The interview will usually take place at the visa application centre when you attend to submit your application and biometric information. It will be conducted in English and via video link with UKVI in the UK. 

You will be asked about your reasons for studying in the UK, about your course and about the content of your course. 

Your interview will be recorded and a summary of the interview will be sent to the Visa Officer who will decide if a second, more detailed interview at the Embassy is needed. 

Typical questions

  • Why did you choose Birkbeck, University of London?
  • Why did you choose to study in the UK and not in your own country or another English speaking country?
  • Why did you choose your course?
  • What qualification does it lead to?
  • How do your studies fit into your career plans?
  • How will you fund your studies?
  • You have previously studied in the UK, why have you chosen to return?
  • You have had a long break in your studies, why are you returning to study now?
  • Do you plan to work in the UK?
  • What are your plans after completing your course?