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Registration for Student visa holders

You need to register with Birkbeck before you can start studying here. You will be permitted to register if you are able to show either that:  

  • you have a valid immigration permission which allows you to study at Birkbeck
  • you have made an in-time application for a Student visa to study at Birkbeck from inside the UK.

What you need in order to register with Birkbeck

What happens if you don't register with Birkbeck?

  • You will not be permitted to attend classes until you have formally registered with the College. If you fail to complete your registration by the deadline, which normally is the latest arrival date stated on your CAS, you may not be permitted to register and/or enrol for the relevant academic year.

What to do if you have applied to extend your stay

  • If you have applied to extend your stay in the UK before you register at Birkbeck and your application is in process, you will need to show the following, instead of a Student visa to study at Birkbeck:
    • a copy of your passport
    • a copy of your UK visa at the time of submitting a Student visa application
    • your Student visa application document checklist that confirms your visa application submission date is before the expiry of your previous visa.
  • Once you receive an outcome of your Student visa application, you will need to present all original documents listed above to complete your registration.

Visas that mean you will not be able to register 

  • You will not be able to register at Birkbeck if you hold an immigration permission that does not permit you to study, including the following:
    • standard visitor visa
    • marriage visitor visa
    • parent of a Tier 4 child or parent of a child Student visa holder  
    • permitted paid engagement visa.