Student accommodation

While the majority of our students decide to live in private accommodation, we also offer student accommodation. Birkbeck students can access places in University of London intercollegiate halls and apply for places in the halls run by specialist provider UNITE. Free professional advice is available from the University of London Housing Services.

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Full-time students

Accommodation for new full-time students

We offer various accommodation options, including University of London intercollegiate halls, and help with finding private accommodation.

Part-time students

Accommodation for part-time students

You may be able to rent in the private sector, flat-share or homestay (stay with a family).

Accommodation for families and couples

Accommodation for families and couples

Rooms for couples and families are usually available in intercollegiate halls of residence for Birkbeck students. 

Accommodation for students with disabilities

Accommodation with wheelchair accessibility

A number of wheelchair-accessible rooms are available from the University of London Housing Services at both College Hall and International Hall.

Short-term accommodation

Short-term accommodation

Most halls only offer long-term student accommodation, with contracts usually from 40 to 51 weeks. However, a number of options are available for shorter stays. 

Accommodation scholarships

Accommodation scholarships

A small number of accommodation scholarships are available to full-time students at Birkbeck.