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Supporting teaching (staff)

Birkbeck Library can support your teaching in various ways and also help you support your students in using the Library and improving their research and digital skills. 

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Improve your students' DIGITAL and information skills

  • Your subject librarian can collaborate with you to integrate information and digital literacy skills into your course, to improve your students' learning experience.
  • Birkbeck Library understands that the best way for students to reflect on and develop their information and digital skills is in the context of their area of study. With this in mind, we have developed an Information and Digital Literacy Skills Framework to help integrate this kind of study skills development into your curriculum.  Please contact your subject librarian to discuss how this framework can be used.

Inclusive readings (decolonising the curriculum)

  • This Inclusive Reading guide is a way of highlighting the current work that is being undertaken at Birkbeck with decolonising teaching and learning. This guide is a product of this and acts as a signpost that this is happening.

Induction and skills sessions for students

  • At the start of the new academic year, your subject librarian can offer an introduction to the Library for your students. The nature, content and length of these sessions can be agreed beforehand. 
    • Smaller groups can come to the Library. 
    • Larger groups can be introduced to the Library wherever they are being taught. 
  • Possible sessions might include:
    • how to use the Library catalogue 
    • using databases and online resources 
    • subject resources on the Internet 
    • how to do a literature search 
    • how to cite references. 
  • More advanced sessions can also be arranged for your students later in their course of study. 
  • Your students can contact their subject librarian for one-to-one sessions if they are having difficulty finding materials or using a particular database or online resource. 
  • Your students can improve their Library skills by working through the Library and Information Skills module on Moodle

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