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Customer Service Excellence accreditation

  • In September 2021, Birkbeck Library achieved Customer Service Excellence accreditation, a government standard awarded by the Cabinet Office. To achieve Customer Service Excellence Accreditation (CSE), organisations are assessed against 57 criteria in the following five areas:
    • Customer insight
    • Culture of the organisation
    • Information and access
    • Delivery and timeliness
    • Quality of service.
  • Our application included nearly 300 examples of good practice as documentary evidence. The assessment involved meetings with academic and professional colleagues, library staff, the Students’ Union and students. The assessor noted that "it was abundantly clear that the Library management and staff cared for their customers and were very committed to providing an effective and enabling service".
  • The accreditation process runs in a three-year cycle. The 2022 review visit confirmed that we have maintained the standard and even achieved more ‘compliance pluses’ (10) for areas where we exceeded the requirements of the Standard. The assessor wrote in his report that "it was very pleasing to witness the continued commitment of the organisation towards Customer Service Excellence".
  • The Library achieved 12 compliance pluses in its 2023 review, including elements concerning widening the reach of its services, the identification of customer needs at first contact and the sharing of information to improve services. The assessor wrote that ‘it was a pleasure to observe the Library’s ongoing dedication to Customer Service Excellence’.