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Criminology careers events

Criminology careers events introduce students to criminology related employers and the opportunities and challenges involved in developing a career path. They are also a great opportunity to socialise with peers in the department.

The events cover themes relevant to criminology research and teaching, from criminal justice policy and practice to social and racial justice. They also look at the practicalities of developing a career, from work experience through to recruitment.

Each session lasts 90 minutes and involves short talks from a panel of professionals who explain how they arrived at their current role. There is the opportunity for group question and answer session as well as informal one-on-one time with the speakers. 


Launched in May 2018, the series contributes to Birkbeck's mission to provide enhanced engagement with practice via enterprise and employability. It complements the College's central Careers and Enterprise Service, offering a programme of skills development workshops alongside placement and internship programmes.


Attendance is free and open to all. Browse our future events and book your place

We also welcome inquiries from potential speakers. If you would like to contribute to a Criminology Careers Event, or have questions about the events, please . Please note, events are not tape/digitally recorded. 


March 2020: Work for Social Justice, Work for Criminal Justice (cancelled) 

November 2019: Work for Social Justice, Work for Criminal Justice

May 2019: Work for Social Justice

February 2019: Work for Criminal Justice, work for Social Justice

December 2018: Work for Social Justice, Work for Criminal Justice

October 2018: Work for Social Justice

May 2018: Work for Social Justice, Create Social Impact