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Department of Applied Linguistics and Communication, Birkbeck, University of London

Funding for Research Students

Find out more about the funding available within the School of Social Sciences, History and Philosophy.

New Government Postgraduate Loans

Find out more about the new government loan for Master's courses, plus our flexible payment options

Celebrating 50 years of British Applied Linguistics at Birkbeck

National Student Survey

Consortium of European Research on Emotion (CERE) Conference

A delegation of 7 current and former (visiting) PhD students from Birkbeck and Professor Jean-Marc Dewaele participated in the conference.

Raising awareness of multilingualism in psychotherapy

Research Project by Professor Jean-Marc Dewaele in collaboration with Dr Beverley Costa

Professor Jean-Marc Dewaele interviews in Toronto.

Professor Jean-Marc Dewaele interviews in Toronto.

BCALS Self-Defense Workshop

Professor Jean-Marc Dewaele and his daughter Livia run self-defense workshop for BCALS

Congratulations to Rio Nkwa Achuzia

Rio Nkwa Achuzia has been recognised by Department of Applied Linguistics for the highest overall mark in the MA Applied Linguistics and Communication.

UBEL Doctoral Training Partnership

Thinking of doing a PhD at Birkbeck, University of London? Applications for entry in 2018/19 are now open.

Birkbeck PhD students Present at International Symposium on Multilingualism

Four PhD students present at the International Symposium on Multilingualism held in Szczyrk, Poland

10 May 2018 - 00:00: A Symposium on Multilingualism in International Organizations and in International Co - operation

Multilingualism in international co-operation entails both costs and benefits: costs because it requires mechanisms such as the selection of multilingual staff and the mediation of language professionals; benefits because, if properly managed, it includes all parties to decision-making, promotes consensus, supports programme delivery, and aids dissemination of results. Thus it favours social justice and inclusion. Increasingly, multilingualism is seen as a positive force, though it is not always recognized as such by all stakeholders.

02 June 2018 - 10:00: L-SLARF Colloquium 2018


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London International students talk about their studies with us.

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