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Offer holders welcome

Congratulations on being made an offer to study in Birkbeck’s School of Creative Arts, Culture and Communication. 

We are a big believer in lifelong education and for over 200 years, Birkbeck has been widening access to education to people from all walks of life. That’s why learning at Birkbeck begins even before your course’s official start date, with invitations to events, opportunities to directly contact your admissions tutor, and resources to give you an insight into how the School will support you.


If you've received your offer to study with us, we will invite you to dedicated offer holder events, including bespoke webinars and taster lectures for some courses. Please sign up to get a taste of what’s going to come in your course.

You are very welcome to come to all our public-facing events, including lectures, exhibitions, openings, and seminars. Feel free to bookmark and view the school's events calendar or view events across the entire Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

You can also find out about how the school will develop your career and strengthen your employability, how the facilities of Birkbeck’s Creative Practice Lab brings together knowledge across creative arts and design industries, and how our research projects inform how you will be taught.

In addition, Birkbeck’s Offer Holder Hub gives you general university-wide resources, including information about On Track, a free summer programme for all new undergraduate students at Birkbeck. 

Campus Tour

You can do a virtual campus tour of Birkbeck, or watch the following YouTube video. Our offer holder events may sometimes include an in-person campus tour as well.

Contact Your admissions tutor

If you have a specific enquiry about your course and studies, please find your course below and contact the admissions tutor.

Admissions tutors for Undergraduate courses

  • Creative Writing
  • English and Liberal Arts
  • Film, Media and Journalism
    • Robert Topinka: BA Digital Media and Culture; BA Digital Media and Language; BA Digital Media and Creative Practice
    • Hilary Smith: BA Film and Media; BA Film and Media with Screenwriting; BA Film and Media Practice; BA Film and Media with Language
    • Tim Markham: BA Journalism and Digital Media; BA Journalism with Language; BA Journalism with Media
  • Languages and Linguistics
    • Eckard Michels: BA Modern Languages; BA Modern Languages with international Experience; Graduate Diploma in German Studies
    • Michael Tsang: BA Japanese Studies; Graduate Diploma in Japanese Studies
    • Irene González-López: BA Japanese Studies with International Experience
    • Ann Lewis: Graduate Diploma in French Studies
    • Mari-Paz Balibrea Enriquez: Graduate Diploma in Spanish and Latin American Studies
    • Jackie Lou: BA Linguistics and Language; BA Linguistics and Culture
    • Kinga Kozminska: BA Language Teaching and Languages; BA English and Linguistics; Graduate Certificate in Linguistics Studies
  • Performing Arts and Arts Management
    • Elizabeth Bennett: BA Theatre and Performance; BA Theatre and English; BA Writing and Performance; BA Performance and Digital Arts


  • Creative Writing
  • English and Liberal Arts
  • Film, Media and Journalism
    • Dorota Ostrowska: MA Film and Screen Media; MA Film and Screen Media (with Study Abroad)
    • Janet McCabe: MA Film and Screen Media (with Television); MA Film and Screen Media with Film Programming and Curating; MA Film Programming and Curating
    • Joel McKim: MA Digital Media Culture; MA Digital Media Management
    • Rebekah Cupitt: MA Digital Media Design; Postgraduate Certificate in Web Design and Development
    • Paul Gallagher: MA and PG Certificate in Screenwriting
    • Imke Henkel: MA and PG Diploma in Journalism; MA Investigative Journalism
  • Languages and Linguistics
    • Ann Lewis: MA and MRes Modern Languages and Comparative Literatures
    • Marjorie Lorch: MA Applied Linguistics and Communication
    • Bojana Petric: MA, PG Certificate and PG Diploma in Language Teaching/TESOL
  • Performing Arts and Arts Management