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BA Classics and BA Classical Studies

BA Classics

Both our BA programmes engage with the ancient Greek and Roman worlds in all their diversity over a long chronological stretch, from early Greece to the Roman Empire, and through many different sources, from texts to inscriptions to archaeological remains.  The level 4 modules offered in the first year provide a survey of Greek and Roman history, and archaeology, respectively, covering topics such as Athenian democracy, the fall of the Roman Republic, representations of good and bad emperors, pottery, temples, tombs and more! In subsequent years, students will delve deeper into the Greek and Roman worlds, through more specialistic and advanced modules on various aspects of ancient culture, society, and history.

Both BA Classics and BA Classical Studies students will have the opportunity to learn Greek and/or Latin – the BA in Classics will take you to ‘Set book’ level (thus honing a range of high level literary critical and linguistic skills in getting to know set texts in great detail), whereas the BA in Classical Studies will require you to take one module in either of these ancient languages.

For information on fees, course structure and to apply full or part-time please follow the links below:

BA Classics: 3-year, full-time

BA Classics: 4-year, part-time

BA Classical Studies: 3-year, full-time

BA Classical Studies: 4-year, part-time