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BSc Mathematics and Statistics

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Programme Director: Andrew Bowler

The BSc course in Mathematics and Statistics at Birkbeck provides excellent training in the methods and applications of mathematics and statistics. Mathematics can describe diverse phenomena from the pattern of petals on a sunflower, to the vagaries of the stock market, to the way the planets orbit the sun. Using statistical methods we can test observations, make inferences and predictions, and analyse information.

A mathematics or statistics graduate is of course highly numerate.  By learning mathematics and statistics, you also learn to construct reasoned, structured arguments. The tools of analysis, whether it be modelling situations with appropriate equations, or using statistics to analyse data sets and test hypotheses, have countless applications.

Training in the mathematical sciences is highly valued by employers. Graduates in these subjects are in great demand and earn on average 10% more than other graduates. Around 35% have jobs in business or finance, with the next most popular choice being teaching, at around 10%.

General enquiries and questions concerning admissions should be directed to the Programme Administrator:

Cassie Fernandes
Room: 717
Tel: 020 7631 6442