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BSc Financial Economics

Student Testimonials

Programme Director: Emanuela Sciubba

The degree will provide you with broad economics and finance background, and an extensive knowledge of the financial sector. Quantitative skills are stressed throughout the degree and students receive extensive exposure to the use of computers and data analysis. A practical project is an integral part of the degree.

The course will prepare you for a range of jobs in both the private and public sectors. The Department has an excellent reputation for the quality of our teaching, providing training for employers such as the Treasury and the Bank of England. Our graduates go on to careers in all sectors of the financial services industry, both in the UK and overseas.

The course is fairly demanding in terms of its use of quantitative techniques, and you will be expected to keep up with the pace of the lectures. If you have not studies maths for some time, Birkbeck runs an intensive two-week evening preliminary or refresher course in basic mathematics prior to the start of the degree.

General enquiries and questions concerning admissions should be directed to the Programme Administrator:

Julia Bernhardt
Tel: 020 7631 6432
Email: Julia Bernhardt