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Proof of student status/awards

If you are a current student or have completed your course, we can provide you with a letter confirming your status. We aim to respond to all requests within five working days.

Your status

If you have completed your course

  • Once your final result has been formally approved, we can provide you with a letter confirming the result (for example, if you have applied for a job before the degree certificate has been issued and you require proof of your award).
  • You can request a Confirmation of Award letter when ordering a transcript. This will confirm that you hold the degree but will not have a breakdown of your module marks.
  • Only if the 'My Awards' section of My Birkbeck contains details of your award will you be able to request the letter. Before this point, any letter produced will only state that you are due to be awarded, pending satisfactory completion of assessments. 

If you are a current student

  • If you are still studying and require proof of your student status - for Council Tax exemption or other reasons - please contact the Student Advice Service. We can post this to you or you can collect it from the Student Advice Centre.

If you are a third party seeking to confirm information 

  • If you are an employer/employment agency or any other third party looking to obtain study information regarding a previous or current student at Birkbeck (not including individual module marks), you will need to provide us with a signed declaration from the candidate authorising us to release their information to you. Without this signed declaration, we will not be able to process your request. 
  • You may email us with your request.