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Get to know Birkbeck's platforms and software

Get ready to study - find out about the different systems we use at Birkbeck.

  1. Make sure you’ve got your Birkbeck username and password. This will be sent to the email address you have given us during enrolment. Find out more about accounts, access and logins.
  2. Find out about Office which is available to you for free as a Birkbeck student. This will give you access to Word, which you will use for assessments, your Birkbeck email, and Microsoft Teams which will be needed for some of your classes. 
  3. Connect to Eduroam, Birkbeck’s Wi-Fi service. You will be able to use it at most university campuses in the UK because almost all of them use Eduroam. 
  4. Start to learn about Moodle. It’s a central part of studying at Birkbeck. 
  5. There will be other digital skills that will be useful, besides accessing Moodle. We have two online modules (both in Moodle, where almost everything is!). Go to Digital Skills Awareness at Birkbeck for an overview of the key digital skills, and to Learning Online for advice on technologies that are more university-specific like Moodle and Panopto. You don’t need to go through these modules – there’s a lot of information in them! Just browse around and have a look at the information that seems most relevant to you. 
  6. Completely stuck on the IT you need for your studies? Our friendly ITS helpdesk team may be able to help.