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Study Psychological Sciences

WHY Study Psychological sciences at Birkbeck?

We are a vibrant, world-leading centre of innovative psychological research and training. Our academics work across neuroscience, cognitive development and child and family psychology.

In the National Student Survey (NSS) 2021, psychology at Birkbeck was ranked in the top ten nationally for academic support and for assessment and feedback. In addition, over 90% of psychology students rated their teaching positively.

What's it like studying Psychological Sciences at Birkbeck?

Careers in Psychology

Are you considering a career in psychology? You're certainly not alone! In the UK, over 750,000 people are currently employed in roles that involve psychology.

Having a degree in psychology opens up numerous employment opportunities and holds high esteem in the job market. The study of psychology not only enhances your literacy, numeracy and critical thinking skills, but also makes you a sought-after candidate in various sectors. After graduating with a psychology degree, the majority of students find employment, with job prospects spanning a wide range of fields, including health, welfare, sales, teaching and media.

One-fifth of psychology graduates with a BSc degree opt for further training in specialized areas such as Clinical Psychology, Counselling Psychology, Educational Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Health Psychology, Neuropsychology, Occupational Psychology, Sport and Exercise Psychology.

Becoming a practicing psychologist requires you to obtain Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC) with the British Psychological Society (BPS) and a BPS accredited postgraduate qualification.

Research projects and Lab facilities

As a student studying psychology at Birkbeck you'll be working in an environment where key research projects and centres will feed into what and how you learn.

Meet the team supporting you

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