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Staff in the School of Psychological Sciences

If you have a query about studying with us, our research activities or require further information about the School of Psychological Sciences, please contact us.

Head of School

Academic Staff

Administrative Staff

IT Support StafF

Laboratory Staff

Learning Support Staff

Research Staff

Teaching Staff

  • Ramisa Ahmed, Associate Tutor
  • Nick Berggren, Associate Tutor
  • Dr Teresa Del Bianco, Associate Lecturer
  • Dr Federica Biotti, Associate Lecturer
  • Astrid Bowen, Associate Lecturer
  • Jennie Brown, Associate Lecturer
  • Vanna Cotzia, Associate Lecturer
  • Antonio Ferragud Faus, Associate Lecturer
  • Hélène Grandchamp Des Raux, Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • Helen Grimshaw, Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • Rianne Haartsen, Associate Tutor
  • Elisa Infanti, Associate Lecturer
  • Andy Kirby, Associate Lecturer
  • Anna Kolesnik Taylor, Associate Lecturer
  • Tahereh Laleh Ansari, Associate Lecturer
  • Elizabeth Li, Associate Lecturer
  • Ute Liersch, Associate Lecturer
  • Alex Lloyd, Associate Lecturer
  • Susan Marchant-Haycox, Associate Lecturer
  • Andrew Moore, Associate Lecturer
  • Zahra Moradi, Associate Lecturer
  • Guilherme Pacheco Fiorini, Associate Lecturer
  • Lucy Palmer, Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • Maria Paz Cebrecos, Associate Tutor
  • Kirsten Rittershofer, Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • Imogen Ruddock, Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • Saskia Sabelus, Associate Lecturer
  • Giulia Serino, Associate Tutor
  • Christina Soderberg, Associate Lecturer
  • Linda Thomson, Associate Lecturer
  • Keiran Wilson, Associate Lecturer

Visiting Staff

  • Professor Naz Derakhshan, Honorary Research Fellow
  • Professor Fred Dick, Visiting Professor
  • Professor Gillian Forrester, Honorary Research Fellow
  • Professor Robert Leech, Visiting Professor
  • Dr Sarah Lloyd-Fox, Honorary Research Fellow
  • Roisin Perry, Associate Research Fellow
  • Maria Pitharouli, Associate Research Fellow
  • Professor Angelica Ronald, Visiting Professor
  • Dr Ilias Tachtsidis, Honorary Research Fellow

Emeritus Staff

  • Dr Paul Barber, Emeritus Reader in Psychology
  • Professor Jacqueline Barnes: Emerita Professor of Psychology. Professor Barnes has devoted her life to improving developmental outcomes for children from deprived or challenging backgrounds. Her research has focused on environmental and community influences on parenting and child development, which has been immensely influential in forming policy in the UK and beyond. Her research has also focussed on how various social, physical and psychological problems affect parenting such as homelessness, breast cancer, artificial insemination and eating disorders. View Professor Jacqueline Barnes’ publications on BiRon.
  • Dr Virginia Eatough, Emerita Reader in Psychology
  • Professor Edward (Ted) Melhuish: Emeritus Professor of Human Development. Professor Melhuish studies social and communicative development from birth to adulthood, including the effect of environmental factors. He is interested in early education and care, parenting, child poverty and disadvantage, and child development and social policy. He has devoted much of his life to theoretically driven research to produce improvements in development and well-being in areas such as the development of pre-term babies, children of psychiatrically disturbed parents, social, linguistic and cognitive development, emergent literacy, and early childhood education and care and the evaluation of policy initiatives. View Professor Edward Melhuish's publications on BiRon.
  • Professor Mike Oaksford: Emeritus Professor of Psychology. In 2005, Professor Oaksford moved to Birkbeck as Professor of Psychology and Head of Department. He stepped down as Head of Department in 2021. His research concerns how people reason and construct arguments in discourse. This research involves experimental work and modelling the resulting inferential behaviour. 
  • Professor Anne Richards, Emerita Professor of Psychology