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  • A blog by Dr Benedetta Crisafulli explores whether Corporate Social Responsibility can save firms from negative customer feedback.
  • A blog by Dr Amy R Hackley explores the horrors of unnecessary Halloween consumerism.
  • The research article 'Selling circularity: Understanding the relationship between circularity promotion and the performance of manufacturing SMEs in Italy' by Benedetta Crisafulli and colleagues Silvia Blasi and Silvia Rita Sedita is now available to read online and has been accepted by the Journal of Cleaner Production. The article explores how low and medium-performing SMEs can increase their economic performance by intensively signalling circularity practices and argues that low-performing companies need to invest heavily in signalling their circular practices to gain competitive advantage.
  • Benedetta Crisafulli is guest editor for the special issue of Sustainability'Sustainable Business, Social Responsibility, Ethics and Consumer Behaviour Behaviour Research'.
  • Birkbeck Department of Management: New Edition Published of Successful Text in Advertising and Promotion
  • Birkbeck Senior Lecturer in Marketing, Dr Amy R Hackley, has a new book being published in February 2021. Advertising and Promotion (published by Sage) is the fifth edition of a textbook co-authored with Dr Hackley’s husband, Professor Chris Hackley of Royal Holloway, University of London. 
  • The book takes a multidisciplinary perspective on all forms of advertising and mediated promotional communication. The authors frame the 5th edition as a ‘post-digital’ approach in the sense that the text bridges traditional creative advertising and digital advertising. 
  • The post-digital and post COVID-19 era is a time when digital communication is no longer novel but is an embedded part of consumer and commercial life, existing in parallel to traditional media. Agencies have to acquire new skill sets from across the cultural and communication industries to adapt the creative advertising development process to deliver multimedia executions on multiple platforms. 
  • This new 2021 edition, like the previous editions, takes an inclusive view on advertising as any form of mediated promotional communication. This reflects the fact that promotional sub-disciplines such as influencer advertising, branded content, celebrity endorsement, product placement, sponsorship, and advertising, are blurring into each other under digitisation as new, hybrid forms of advertising emerge.  
  • The 5th edition is thoroughly updated with many new examples, new case materials, new topics and two new chapters (Social Media Advertising and Digital Advertising: Search and Content). Digital themes and examples are featured throughout this edition. 
  • The book comes with an accompanying website with additional readings and teaching materials.
  • Birkbeck students are able to access the electronic version of this edition via Kortext with their Birkbeck login and password.  
  • Dr Amy R Hackley's new book Rethinking Advertising as Paratextual Communication will be published in April 2022 by Edward Elgar. 
  • Dr Olivier Sibai is mentioned on a Birkbeck blog post on rainbow washing (also published in a regional online journal); and in a video abstract of the research article available on YouTube. Watch the Brand Activism: Strategies to Push the Boundaries of Free Speech video.
  • He will deliver a keynote/master class on the 12 November 2021, on the subject of “brand activism: strategies to push the boundaries of free speech” at Brand Week. This is one of the main conferences for marketing practitioners in EMEA. 


  • Benedetta Crisafulli and co-authors presented a piece of their published research on guilt appeals in cause-related marketing advertisements at the Advertising Research Foundation’s “Insights Studio: Inside the JAR” online event on 11 August. The event featured a selection of published articles in the June 2020 issue of the Journal of Advertising Research (JAR). Their paper was one of four articles selected and invited for presentation.
  • A research article Does it really hurt? Making sense of varieties of anger by Benedetta Crisafulli and colleagues Paolo Antonetti and Constantine S. Katsikeas is now available early online and has been accepted in the journal Psychology & Marketing. The article puts forward the idea that customer anger is not always vindictive, and thus detrimental to companies, but it can be supportive and even beneficial to companies too.
  • Benedetta Crisafulli and her colleague Jaywant Singh address the question Should you use social media influencers in crisis comms? in an article published by
  • Benedetta Crisafulli shared some insights based on her published research on social media influencers during corporate crises in a blog on Birkbeck Comments. Read the 'To Trust or Not to Trust: the Role of Social Media Influencers in Corporate Crisis Communications' blog.