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CAS Information (Confirmation of acceptance for studies)

Your CAS is an essential part of the Student visa application process.
Offer holders who have met all conditions (academic and non-academic) will be eligible to receive a draft version of their CAS approximately 4-5 months before the start date of their programme of study. The email containing this draft CAS will outline all steps needed to receive your final CAS and then move onto applying for your Student visa.

More information about your CAS

  • A CAS is a ‘virtual document’ like a database record, issued by Birkbeck in support of your Student visa application. It contains key personal information, such as your name, date of birth, course title, tuition fees and the academic documents used to obtain your offer to study at Birkbeck. 
  • As part of the CAS process, we may request your previous study history in the UK if this information isn't included in your application form. This is to ensure that you don't exceed the maximum time limit on studying in the UK you are allowed and also to satisfy the academic progression requirement outlined in the Student visa route guidance.
  • Please read the CAS terms and conditions to understand some of the checks that are required before Birkbeck can issue you a CAS. 
  • Important: Please note that a CAS can only be used once. If your visa application is refused, you will need a new CAS. 

How to apply for a CAS

  • New students: if you are eligible, we will usually contact you approximately 4-5 months before your course start date, in order to arrange a CAS for you. 
  • Continuing students: if you are currently studying or resuming your studies at Birkbeck and need to extend or apply for your Student visa, or switch from another immigration category, you will need to visit the International Student area of Moodle to learn more about the requirements and to access the form.