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Postgraduate courses

We offer a wide range of interdisciplinary Master's programmes in cognitive neuroscience, neuropsychology, research methods, developmental science and computational cognition for graduates of psychology and other disciplines. These courses will prepare you for many different careers in education, health, social care and management, as well as professional and academic roles.

By choosing to study with us for your postgraduate degree, you'll benefit from the flexibility of evening study, which allows you to continue working or volunteer to develop your experience further. We also have a dedicated learning support team who will help you get the best out of your postgraduate studies.

Watch our video overview of postgraduate courses by Professor Iroise Dumontheil, Director of the taught Postgraduate programme:


MSc Psychology (Conversion)

If you have a degree in a subject other than psychology, then our MSc  Psychology (conversion) course may interest you.

Watch our video overview describing the conversion course by Professor Eddy Davelaar, one of its directors.