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Hours of study guidelines

All our undergraduate and postgraduate courses are offered part-time and full-time, enabling you to fit your studies around your other commitments.

For each 15 credit module, students are expected to spend around 150 learning hours in total across eleven weeks.

This comprises:

  • 27 hours of contact time (lectures and seminars) across the nine weeks of teaching
  • 123 hours of additional independent work across the eleven weeks of the module.

Depending on the module, additional work will include all or some of the following activities:

  • reading before and after lectures
  • preparing and writing assignments
  • preparing individual or group presentations
  • revising for and attending in-class tests.

This works out to around fourteen hours per week on each module. This will vary across the eleven weeks of the module, as you will probably spend more time working in the weeks when you are writing assignments, for example, or revising for exams.

On average, though, for every 15 credit module you take, you should be prepared to spend around three hours per week in class and around eleven hours per week working outside of class.


We very strongly advise that students do not work full-time and study full-time. This is because of the hours needed both inside and outside of the classroom to successfully complete your programme.