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Our staff

Staff categories

Executive Dean (School of Law)

Head of department

Professional and support staff

  •  Director of Operations, +44 (0)20 3926 1561
  •  Assistant School Manager, +44 (0)20 3926 1549
  •  Assistant School Manager (Research), +44 (0)20 3926 1588
  • Vicky Feist Senior Team Leader, +44 (0)20 3926 1546
  • Team Leader (Disability Liaison), +44 (0)20 3926 1545
  • Impact and Knowledge Transfer Officer, +44 (0)20 3926 1576
  • PA to the Executive Dean and Director of Operations+44 (0)20 3926 3526
  • Communications and Marketing Officer+44 (0)20 3926 1543
  • Team Leader (Undergraduate Law), +44 (0)20 3926 1625
  • Administrator (Law LLB Year 1), +44 (0)20 3926 1631
  • Administrator (Law LLB Year 2), +44 (0)20 3926 1635
  • Administrator (Law LLB Year 3 and 4 LLB), +44 (0)20 3926 1626
  • Team Leader (Certificate, Short Courses and Foundation Year)+44 (0)20 3926 1624
  • Sophia Khalid Administrator (Cross-School Programmes), +44 (0)20 3926 1628
  • Administrator (Certificate, Short Courses and Foundation Year)+44 (0)20 3926 1622
  •  Team Leader (Postgraduate Taught Programmes and Postgraduate Research Programmes)+44 (0)20 3926 1724
  • Administrator (Law LLM QLD), +44 (0)20 3926 1623
  • Administrator (Postgraduate Taught Programmes)+44 (0)20 3926 1633
  • For admissions queries please

Learning development staff

Academic staff

  • Professor Maria Aristodemou Professor of Law
  • Professor Bill Bowring Professor of Law, Programme Director LLM/MA Human Rights, Director of Mooting
  • Dr Eddie Bruce-Jones Reader in Law and Anthropology, Deputy Dean, Head of Department of Law
  • Henrique Carvalho Lecturer in Law, Teaching and Scholarship Staff Coordinator
  • Dr Guido Comparato Senior Lecturer in Law
  • Dr Fred Cowell Lecturer in Law
  • Professor Marinos Diamantides Professor of Law and Political Science, PGT Dissertations Coordinator, Director of Studies (Law), Programme Director LLM Constitutional Law, Politics and Theory
  • Dr Nadine El-Enany Reader in Law, International Student Coordinator, Law LLB Years 3 and 4 Tutor
  • Dr Başak Ertür Senior Lecturer in Law, Co-Director Postgraduate Research
  • Professor Michelle Everson Professor of Law, Programme Director LLM QLD (Term 1)
  • Professor Adam Gearey Professor of Law, Assistant Dean for International and Recruitment
  • Dr Oscar Guardiola-Rivera Professor of Human Rights and Political Philosophy, Director of Postgraduate Taught Programmes
  • Dr Piyel Haldar Senior Lecturer in Law, Chair of the Law Sub-Board of Examiners
  • Dr Olivia Hamlyn Lecturer in Law
  • Professor Patrick Hanafin Professor of Law,  Director of Postgraduate Taught Programmes (Term 1), Convenor of Law Research Seminar Series, Law LLB Year Tutor (Term 1)
  • Dr Bernard Keenan (Lecturer in Law, Law LLB with Foundation Year Programme Director (Term 1), Programme Director LLM Law and Technology
  • Dr Sarah Keenan Reader in Law, Co-Director Postgraduate Research, ESRC Doctoral Training Programme Pathway Lead
  • Dr Kojo Koram Lecturer in Law, Disability Officer (Academic Lead), Programme Director LLM Intensives
  • Dr Giulia Claudia Leonelli Lecturer in Law, Programme Director LLM International Economic Law, Justice and Development (Term 1), Programme Director LLM Law General, Programme Contact for Law and Languages
  • Dr Elena Loizidou Reader in Law and Political Theory, REF Unit of Assessment Lead
  • Professor Fiona Macmillan Professor of Law, Programme Director LLM International Economic Law, Justice and Development (Terms 2 and 3)
  • Dr Susy Menis Lecturer in Law, Programme Director Cert HE Legal Studies, BSc Criminology and Criminal Justice Admissions Tutor, CertHE in Criminology Admissions Tutor
  • Professor Daniel Monk (Professor of Law, Acting Assistant Dean for Equalities (Terms 2 and 3), Coordinator of Links with the Legal Profession, LLB QLD Year 1 Tutor (Terms 2 and 3), Careers Director
  • Dr Nathan Moore Senior Lecturer in Law, REF Unit of Assessment Lead (Deputy), 
  • Professor Stewart Motha Professor of Law, Executive Dean, Programme Director LLM Intensives
  • Dr Craig Reeves Lecturer in Law, LLB Law with Foundation Year Admissions Tutor, Law LLB Year Tutor (Term 3)
  • Dr Victoria Ridler Lecturer in Law, Law LLB Programme Director
  • Professor Renata Salecl Professor in Psychology/Psychoanalysis and Law
  • Dr Maria Tzanakopoulou Lecturer in Law, LLB Law Part-Time and LLB Law with Foundation Year Admissions Tutor, LLB Law with Foundation Year Programme Director (Terms 2 and 3)

Teaching and scholarship staff

Emeritus Professors

  • Professor Costas Douzinas
    • Professor Douzinas was a member of the team that established the Law Department in 1992 and was Head of Department from 1996 to 2002. Costas has created two new inter-disciplinary areas of research: a distinct school of British critical legal thought, and the turning of legal scholarship towards ethical concerns and aesthetic considerations, namely research on law and visuality. He is a visiting Professor at the University of Athens and has held visiting posts at the Universities of Paris, Thessaloniki and Prague. In 1997 he was awarded a Jean Monnet fellowship by the European University Institute, Florence. In 1998 he was a visiting fellow at Princeton University and at the Cardozo School of Law. In 2002, he was a Fellow at Griffith University, Brisbane and at the Universities of Beijing and Nanjing.
  • Professor Les Moran
    • Professor Moran joined the School of Law in 1998 and was head of the school from 2002 to 2005. He has written and researched extensively on matters relating to sexuality and law, criminal justice - with particular reference to hate crime - law and visual culture and the judiciary. Professor Moran is a member of several editorial boards including Law and Society Review, Law and Critique, Liverpool Law Review and the Macquarie Law Journal, and is principle investigator on the Judicial Images Network.

Visiting and honorary staff

  • Behrouz Boochani, Visiting Professor
  • Justice Edwin Cameron, Visiting Judge - formerly South African Supreme Court of Appeal
  • Sir Terence Etherton, Fellow of Birkbeck - former Master of the Rolls, 
  • Professor Avery F. Gordon, Visiting Professor - Department of Sociology, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Angela Jackman, Visiting Judge
  • Professor Christian Joerges, Associate Research Fellow - Fellow and Member of the Centre for European Law and Politics, University of Bremen (ZERP)
  • Dr. Jur. Ruth Herz, Visiting Professor - former judge at the court of Cologne, Germany; member of the Judicial Images Network
  • Manu Luksch, Artist in Residence
  • Dr Eduardo Moreira, Visiting Research Fellow
  • Margia Mostafa, Visiting Lawyer
  • Suresh Nanwani, Honorary Research Fellow - Lead Counsel (Human Resource) Asian Development Bank
  • David Ruebain, Visiting Professor
  • Marty Slaughter, Honorary Visiting Research Fellow
  • Carey Young, Honorary Research Fellow