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Undergraduate courses

Our rigorous undergraduate degrees are available for all. For students who have been away from study for some time or who do not meet the direct entry criteria, we offer foundation year entry and entry through our short courses.

BSc Economics+

  • Economics is concerned with questions such as:
    • Why are some countries rich and others poor?
    • When and how should governments intervene in free markets?
    • How can we best use data to make predictions about the future?
  • Our BSc Economics+ programmes start from a common core, making it easy to switch programmes in the first year. We offer all programmes in part-time and full-time, and with direct and foundation-year entry.
  • Watch an overview of what it's like to study Economics+ at Birkbeck.
    • Single Honours Degrees. Our BSc Economics and BSc Financial Economics will provide you with a deep understanding of the modern economy and the skillset of a professional economist.
    • Joint with Business. Develop an understanding of business and the wider economy with our Economics and Business and BSc Finance with Accounting degrees, taught jointly with the Department of Management.
    • Economics and Social Policy. Learn how the economy is affected by power, politics, and the geography of nations with our BSc Economics and Social Policy degree, taught jointly with the Departments of Geography and Politics.
    • Mathematical Economics. Economists require a toolkit of mathematical models and the statistical techniques used to test them. Our BSc Economics and/with Mathematics and BSc Statistics and Economics will give you a deep understanding of these tools, the mathematics they rely upon, and how to use them in the real world.
  • We also offer a unique opportunity in partnership with Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC), where students can attain both Bachelor in Business Administration from UIC and Birkbeck's BSc Economics or BSc Financial Economics after five years of study in Barcelona and London. Find out more about the partnership.
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BSc Mathematics+

  • Mathematics and logic have captivated our greatest minds since the ancient past. They now stand at the core of modern computing and our scientific understanding of nature and society.
  • Our BSc courses provide a rigorous foundation in pure and applied mathematics. The Maths+ programmes are designed to be flexible, with a common structure that makes it easy to switch from one speciality to another. They are available both part-time and full-time.
    • BSc Mathematics. A broad education in mathematics, including modern applications of mathematics such as cryptography, networks and game theory.
    • BSc Mathematics with Statistics. Excellent training in the methods and applications of mathematics and statistics, covering pure and applicable mathematics, statistical theory and data analysis.
    • BSc Mathematics with Economics. Develop knowledge of mathematical skills with the principles of economic analysis. Apply your knowledge to a range of problems in economics and finance.
    • BSc Statistics and Economics. Rigorous training in the disciplines of statistics and operational research and applications in economics and finance.
    • BSc Mathematics with Accounting. Ideal for students with mathematical abilities who are interested in the theory of the subject and in the application of mathematical methods to commercial and scientific problems.
    • BSc Mathematics with Management. Develop a broad education in mathematics and the main concepts and methods of management.
  • Watch a video about our BSc Mathematics course.
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Pre-undergraduate courses

Provisional Timetables

Please note: these timetables are indicative and are subject to change. A personalised timetable is available for enrolled students on their MyBirkbeck profile. Rooms will be added to your profile a few weeks before the start of the academic year.

For more information about individual modules, students should visit their module page on Moodle.

For the modes of delivery listed below, 'blended' refers to a mix of pre-recorded videos with live content and 'simulcast' is a simultaneous live broadcast of an in-person session.

Economics and finance

2022-23 - Autumn term

Mathematics and statistics

2022-23 - Autumn Term