Enterprise and Entrepreneurship support

Starting your own business, social enterprise or charity is a career option open to those from all academic backgrounds, and who wish to work in any sector of the economy. Entrepreneurship might suit you if you like being in charge, influencing other people, taking risks, making things happen and are adventurous, assertive, ambitious and motivated.

Enterprise Pathways

  • Our Enterprise Pathways programme is designed to support students across the College who are interested in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship.
  • Whether you've purely got an interest in enterprise, have a business idea you're keen to get off the ground or have already started your own business, this programme will support you in your journey.
  • There are a range of events, courses and workshops throughout the year to get involved with and develop your business skills.
  • If you would like to discuss your ideas or entrepeneurship more generally, please .

Mentoring schemes

  • Mentoring Pathways is a collaborative programme between Birkbeck and corporate partners from the worlds of business, law and beyond. It is an opportunity for you to support your employment aspirations by bridging the gap between academic learning and workplace practices, and developing soft skills and confidence. You can apply if you are in your final year of undergraduate study, or on postgraduate courses. 
  • If you are a Birkbeck alumni looking to gain mentoring experience, we have a range of programmes where you can support current students and give them career advice.


  • Follow our Careers Scoop.it blog on Enterprise and Entrepreneurship to access relevant articles, opinion pieces and thought-provoking writing to help develop your business knowledge.