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PhD students and supervisors

Professor Jacqueline Barnes

  • FRENCH, Jane: Community Psychology: Neighbourhood & Adolescent Outcomes
  • MERMELSHTINE, Roni: The prediction of academic achievement from mother-child interactions in the first year

Professor Richard P Cooper

  • BALZAN, Ronald: Hoping for Progress: The Importance of Problem Representations
  • MITSOPOULOS, Constantinos: Reinforcement learning and internal models in the control of action
  • PAHLMAN, Suzanne: Modelling a Typical Development
  • SEXTON, Nicholas: The computational basis of executive function

Dr Eddy J Davelaar

  • BERGER, Natalie: Ageing and cognitive control: The role of emotions
  • ETIENNE, Mervyn: Cognitive Insight: Effects of Neurofeedback
  • RENDELL, Nick: Computational Modelling

Professor Naz Derakhshan

  • DUCROCQ, Emmanuel: Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience (Applied to Sports)
  • SARI, Berna (joint with University of Gent)
  • SWAINSTON, Jessica (1 + 3 ESRC funded)

Dr Fred Dick

  • CAPRINI, Francesco: Auditory Neuroscience

Dr Iroise Dumontheil

  • BROOKMAN, Annie: Educational Neuroscience
  • DONATI, Georgina: Genetic influences on individual differences in the cognitive regulation of emotion

Dr Virginia Eatough

  • MARTINEZ, Jose: The Fragmented Family: Making sense of loss of contact between a biological parent and a child post divorce/separation
  • THACKERAY, Lisa: Using IPA to explore the experience of happiness
  • VERDE RIVERA, Jose Francisco: Pregnancy and motherhood: An interpretative phenomenological analysis

Professor Martin Eimer

  • FISHER, Katie: Recognition of familiar and unfamiliar faces in typical and atypical perception
  • JENKINS, Michael: Visual Attention & Visual Working Memory

Professor Ulrike Hahn

  • COLLINS, Peter: Reasoning & Persuasion
  • SCOTT, Katherine
  • Previous students:
    • 1999: Lucy Richardson (BBSRC-CASE with Unilever)
    • 2000: Andrew Brand (EPSRC)
    • 2002: John-Mark Frost (School of Psychology GTA- as second supervisor with Dr Greg Maio) (now at the Office for National Statistics)
    • 2004: Adam Corner (ESRC)
    • 2005: Adam Harris (ESRC)
    • 2006: James Close (EU FP6 funded)
    • 2006: Carl Hodgetts (EU FP6 funded)
    • 2007: Andreas Jarvstad (ESRC funded)

Professor Mark Johnson

  • GUI, Anna: Understanding the role of inhibition/excitation balance in the early development of ASD
  • HAARSTEN, Rianne: Functional connectivity in infants at risk for autism (and ADHD)
  • PIRAZZOLI, Laura: An investigation into the mechanism and role of social touch in early development


Dr Natasha Kirkham

  • POMIECHOWSKA, Barbara: Development and neural basis of multimodal object representation in infancy
  • SWAN, Kristen: Children's developing learning mechanisms

Professor Matthew Longo

  • AMBROZIAK, Klaudia: Building Body Representations
  • SADIBOLOVA, Renata: Body representation and autonomic control
  • VAGNONI, Eleonora: Influence of emotion on space perception

Professor Denis Mareschal

  • FREIER, Livia: The interplay of top-down and bottom-up constraints in the development of the selection of action
  • PENG, Ching: Cross-Modal Task-Switching
  • ROCHA, Sinead-Elouise: Cross-Model Information Intergration & Inhibitory Control in Children

Dr Emma Meaburn

  • SAFFARI, Ayden: Integration of multiple datasets for investigation into the genetic basis of autism

Professor Edward C Melhuish

  • QI, Xiaofei: The impact of preschool experience on children's school readiness in less-developed rural China

Dr Anne Miles

  • ALLAN, Jacqueline
  • FRENCH, Jane
  • MAKATSORI, Melina: Psychological impact of allergies
  • Post-doctoral students
    • Dr Ruth Evans

Professor Mike Oaksford

  • CRUZ DE ECHEVERRIA LOEBELL, Nicole: Processes in deductive reasoning with uncertain premises
  • SYMONS, Germaine: Actual scientific reasoning from a Bayesian perspective
  • VANCE, James: Negations in reasoning

Dr Clare Press

  • de GUZMAN, Marie: Pro Social Behaviour - Social Neuroscience
  • EDEY, Rosanna: Biological motion processing in individuals with ASD
  • YON, Daniel: Mechanisms for mapping between action and perception

Professor Anne Richards

  • HARTIGAN, Alex: The time course of disgust contamination
  • PANESAR, Gurmukh: Inattentional Blindness and Working Memory Capacity

Dr Angelica Ronald

  • PAIN, Oliver: The Generic Basis & Adolescent Psychosis

Dr Atsushi Senju

  • HAENSEL, Jennifer: Application of Portable Eye-tracking Technology to Study the Effect of Cultural Norms on the Development of Social Cognition
  • HARADA, Nanami: Culture and autism: Comparing Japan and the UK
  • MARES, Ines: Processing of eye contact in the subcortical pathway - testing the fast-track modulation model
  • VERNETTI, Angelina: Social Cognition in Autism

Professor Jonathan A Smith

  • FIELDSEND, Megumi: Midlife and involuntary childlessness (IPA research)
  • GODSON, Suzi: Psychology
  • GEE, Prunella: Men's experience of retirement
  • NIZZA, Isabella: How are illness and identity represented by chronic pain sufferers and how does the process of learning to self-manage pain affect these relationships?
  • STARR, Rachel: How do people with congenital disorders think about selective preproduction?
  • TURKISTANI, Wafa: Heatlh Psychology

Dr Marie L Smith

  • PAPASAVVA, Michael: Individual Differences in Face Perception

Dr Tim J Smith

  • BATTEN, Jonathan: Audiovisual influences on attention and perception in dynamic scenes
  • NAKO, Rebecca: Attention in naturalistic scences

Dr Victoria Southgate

  • BULGARELLI, Chiara: Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience

Dr Fiona Tasker

  • FIGUEROA, Victor: Same sex parenting in Chile

Professor Michael Thomas

  • DAVIS, Rachel: Computational modelling to investigate developmental trajectories of autism
  • RICHOMME, Alan: Computational Modelling / Semantic cognition