jiscmediahub now MediaPlus


What does it cover?

  • A collection of film and video from medicine and the life sciences through archaeology, media studies, performing arts and music to philosophy, history and the social sciences. Several hundred hours of high-quality material are available for download, either in full or as segments, and can be used freely.
  • "Explore Newsfilm" section in MediaPlus which offers several additional ways to browse content:
    • By date, including a timeline, "it happened today" and user-defined date ranges
    • By subject category (IPTC)
    • By newsfilm collection, including those formerly in NewsFilm Online, plus two collections available separately in MediaPlus: Associated Press and ITN
    • ITN studio scripts, formerly available only in NewsFilm Online.
  • In addition, all searches in MediaPlus can now be filtered for newsfilm.
  • The London Broadcasting Company / Independent Radio News audio archive consists of 7,000 reel-to-reel tapes in a collection that runs from 1973 to the mid-1990s. It is the most important commercial radio archive in the UK and provides a unique audio history of the period. This digitised collection focuses on the most noteworthy content – approximately 3,000 hours of recordings relating to news and current affairs. Digitisation of this resource was funded via the JISC Digitisation Programme. [May 2014]

Help with using MediaPlus

Get users up and running quickly on the Alexander Street platform.  Users will learn how to access resources, search and browse content, and navigate learning features, like making clips and playlists:


Please note: Change of name from JISC Media Hub to Media Plus hosted and delivered by Alexander Street Press  1st September 2016.