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Photographic Services

Our photographer is available to photograph events, staff, students or visiting academics either in our studio facilities or around the Birkbeck campus.


Phone Dominic Mifsud on 020 7631 6138 or email

to ask for details or request a photo shoot

 The Birkbeck Aurora event

The Media Services photographer can take photographs for a variety of applications, for promotional, archival, teaching use, reportage (Birkbeck news, personalities, or events. These are used on the Birkbeck website or publications, prospectuses, or other printed material

Examples of Birkbeck photography can be found here:

Birkbeck Media Services Photography

The main areas for photography undertaken by our photographer are:

  • Events photography, photographs of  seminars, symposia, conferences or public lectures, or other Birkbeck events.
  • Reportage photography, For example photos of The Master, Prof. David Latchman meeting various dignitaries including MPs, Ministers, or other VIPs, visits from delegations from other universities in the UK and elsewhere, group photography recording the attendance of persons at significant conferences, or photos f other significant Birkbeck events.
  • Profile photography Photos of Birkbeck academics, central staff, students for promotional purposes. These are often taken in a studio environment, using a white background
  • Object photography This may be paintings, objets d’art, or other items of significance to the history of Birkbeck, or items of significance for use in teaching, or of general interest to Birkbeck staff, students or alumni.
  • Environmental photography Photography as a record of the Birkbeck, Bloomsbury and the wider London environment in which Birkbeck is situated, both the nearby environment, buildings and spaces. This includes shots of new installations, such as the new Petrology laboratory on the 6th floor of Malet street building, for the department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, for example.
  • Exhibition photography  The relatively recent advent of the Peltz Gallery in Gordon Square, for the School of Arts provides a rolling programme of exhibitions on wide-ranging topics, many of which are captured for posterity by the Media Services Photographer 
  • Archive Photography Prints, negatives, contact sheets and other pictorial media are regularly scanned or photographed by the Media Services photographer to preserve fragile media which would otherwise eventually be lost without such intervention. This is, in the main, material which has been in the Birkbeck analogue archives since before the advent of digital photography and storage media, and is gradually deteriorating.


Much of our photographic activity is carried out without charge, but the criteria by which it may be necessary to charge Birkbeck departments are contained in the section Costs for photography