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Student Account Registration

Most new degree students will be sent the ITS newuser letter and introductory documentation to their home address shortly after they receive their enrolment pack. Once a student has completed enrolment, the computer account will start working across ITS managed systems.

Different access rights apply to different students, and this is indicated in our entitlement of access chart pdf format

Sometimes, students need access to facilities early in the academic year and may require the letters to be distributed during classes, or have their computer account creation "fast-tracked". This can be undertaken by authorised users - see the documentation for details.

For bulk printing of letters, it is possible to build a class list within the Computer Account Registration System. The information resulting can be used for bulk printing of letters or exporting the information for use elsewhere. An ITS username and password is required, and the service is available only to authorised users.  See the Class List Documentation for building a class list

A list of all Registry Programme (course) codes is available.

Utilities and techniques for working with student usernames

Search for students on a course, or student by surname, in order to check their status, force through their registration, or print their newuser letter locally. ITS username/password required for access, and this is available to authorised users only. See documentation on checking a student status and printing the letter. This document also shows how to interpret the new user letter

Documentation on Changing a student's password (for authorized users).

If you have any queries, please contact ITS Reception in the first instance.

Holdover students and cancellation of the account

Student usernames and passwords remain with students during their time at Birkbeck. The username is suspended on or around 30th September unless you are enrolled for a course during the following year. Some students reach an agreement with their School to remain on holdover, or re-sit exams, or to complete coursework, and may not pay fees during an Academic year. No access to IT Services facilities is permitted in such cases, except where the student has the support of the School, and has paid a fee.

Any files and electronic mail are normally available for 4 months after the suspension of the account before being removed from the systems.