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Registration of FLL Students and Other Categories

For those wishing to use computing facilities, but who are not enrolled students, or staff appearing in the Personnel system, there is a manual registration procedure. The Application for Computer Use form should be used by Visiting lecturers, part-time lecturers, those on short term contracts, or others who have a legitimate need for access to Birkbeck's computing facilities. The form should be authorized by the School Computer Representative or Head of School, and returned to ITS Reception, where the account will normally be created within two days.

FLL students who are centrally enrolled on assessed courses will be given a computing account in order to use online resources and the PCs within the Library. Accounts are suspended on completion of the course, or after one year unless further payment is made.

Birkbeck Stratford Students on Certificate and Diploma courses are entitled to full access to facilities.

Faculty of Lifelong Learning (FLL) Sessional Lecturers may have a computer account at Birkbeck, allocated automatically once their contract is processed by HR.